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Zircon Paladin (ジルコン・パラディン, Jirukon Paradin) is a Level 3 Burst Linker who belonged to the Sword of Sodan at Seioh Academy before it disbanded; he is still a member of the school council. Nothing is known about his background other than that he became a Burst Linker at the same time at Aluminum Valkyrie and ambitiously wanted to become a King. He is a character of Accel World/Dural: Magisa Garden.

Plot Outline[]

Chapter 1 through 5[]

Zircon Paladin, who became a Burst Linker presumably after joining the student council at Seioh Academy at the beginning of the 2047 school year, first appears in Chapter 2, dressed in the tribal garb the rest of his group wears. He and Aluminum Valkyrie square off as their first duel, but despite his range advantage in the form of his lance, he is easily defeated, even after using his Ability, Fear Devote, which increases his armor strength.

He appears again in Chapter 5, where he casts off the tribal garb and challenges Valkyrie again. However, as Valkyrie went on a huge winning spree and is now too high-level for him, Valkyrie offers to have Iris Alice battle him instead. Iris Alice, completely new to the game, essentially self-destructs, and all Paladin does is tap her on the head with his lance to finish her off.

Chapter 12 through 13[]

Though uninvolved in Vanilla Slicer's recent underhanded actions against the Enbuken, he accompanies the other three members of the Sword of Sodan in apologizing to them. The "Sword of Sodan" tribe is then disbanded, leaving them with the promise to create a Legion.

Chapter 19 through 21[]

On the verge of reaching Level 4, Zircon Paladin appears before the Enbuken once again, and like last time, Valkyrie refuses to duel him. He faces off against Iris Alice, also about to hit level 4. Before they begin, he announces his plans to become a King of Brain Burst. Iris Alice, on the other hand, manages to up the ante so that the loser gives the winner ten times the amount of Burst Points (in this case, that would add up to 100).

At the start of the fight, he shows his new found speed and technique by throwing lightning-fast lance thrusts at Alice, but Alice proves to be the faster one. As Alice closes in on him, he remembers Vanilla Slicer's advice not to let her make contact with him but uses Fear Devote to try and turtle anyway. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Iris Alice was hoping for; she summons her Enhanced Armament, the Queen's Astrology, and delivers a powerful blow that sends him flying backward. Using her speed, she then gets behind him and hits him up into the air, where he hits an environment object, reminiscent of their first duel. After he falls back to the ground, Alice sidles up to him and taps him on the head for the victory.

Zircon Paladin[]


Zircon Paladin

Zircon Paladin is a metal-colored Duel Avatar that wields a lance. A crystal covers most of his face, which is likely made of cubic zirconium, on his forehead, and his body has what resembles armored straps hanging from his shoulders. It is unknown who his Parent is, but it is likely someone else in the Seioh Academy student council.



Zircon Paladin's lance is likely considered an Enhanced Armament, though it hasn't been named. It doesn't appear to have any special properties but appears to be summoned automatically at the start of combat.

Fear Devote[]

Fear Devote causes the crystal on Zircon Paladin's forehead to glow, and then the armor covering his body grows in strength.

Special move[]

Zircon Paladin mentions as he loses to Iris Alice that he had obtained a special move (and was mad he couldn't use it). It is unknown as to what this is though.


  • While it is possible that Vanilla Slicer is his Parent, it is more likely that the as-of-yet unnamed last member of the Seioh student council is his Parent. (The leader, Hyouga, had already made Vanilla Slicer his Child.)


  • Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden volume 1
  • Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden volume 2
  • Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden volume 3

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