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Viridian Decurion (ビリジアン・デクリオン, Birijian Dekurion) is the second in command of the Green Legion Great Wall.[1] He is a high-level Burst Linker.


Viridian Decurion is a veteran Burst Linker, having been the second in command of Great Wall since at least the summer of 2044. He was there when Graphite Edge joined Great Wall, having challenged him to a battle when Graphite requested that they hide his defection. He lost, and changed the Five Armors to the Six Armors, bumping everyone's rank down by one and granting Graphite the First Seat.[2]


Viridian Decurion[]

Viridian Decurion is covered in armor resembling that of a Roman foot soldier, complete with the feathered crest on top of his helmet.[1]

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed round shield[1]
  • Unnamed short sword – Worn on his left hip when not in use.[1]


  • Viridian Legionary – A special move that summons 4 legionaries. When activated, 4 bolts of green lightning shoot off from his short sword to hit the ground, from which 4 legionaries emerge, equipped with a rectangular shield and a spear. The legionaries are also equipped with heavy armor of a shade slightly lighter than that of Viridian Decurion's. This move uses up his entire special attack gauge. He can have 8 legionaries active at the same time.[3]
  • A special move starting with Viridius – This special move was interrupted before it was cast.[3]


  • Viridian Decurion (ビリジアン・デクリオン, Birijian Dekurion)
  • Billy (ビリー, Birī)
  • Viridian Legionary (緑玉の軍団兵(ビリダイン・リージョナリー), Ryokugyoku no Gundanhei (Biridain Rījonarī))


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