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Vermillion Vulcan (バーミリオン・バルカン, Bāmirion Barukan) is a longtime member of the Red Legion, Prominence, having served in the executive branch under Red Rider.


Vermillion Vulcan is a veteran Prominence member, having served in the executive branch under the First Red King, Red Rider. He is one of three such Burst Linkers to have remained in Prominence when Scarlet Rain took up the mantle of the Red King.

Plot Outline[]

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

In the Nega Nebulus-Prominence Merger Meeting, Vermillion Vulcan conditionally agreed to the merger. He represented the faction in voicing their concerns regarding who will become the new Legion Master, and required proof that Black Lotus will not kill Scarlet Rain in her mission to reach level 10.


Vermillion Vulcan[]

Vermillion Vulcan, as his name suggests, is a highly saturated red. His armor is sturdy and covers his whole body, but does not look bulky.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed gatling guns – Vermillion Vulcan has one of these Enhanced Armaments on each arm, which look powerful.


  • Vermillion Vulcan is the largest member of Prominence


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