Okay Everyone, some information regarding the Wiki, As of March 22nd this year, Volume 6 of Accel World will be translated, and as of then, information on the Wiki will start getting updated, seeing we've only got upto Volume 5 and also Volume 8 and 10 Translated. We haven't added much information from Volume 8 and 10 seeing we also need information from other Volumes. So I implore everyone to purchase the series from your local bookstore OR from http://www.bookdepository.com where you can purchase any number of light novels, manga etc. and it's delivered to you for free, it's a great service. To those of you who message me on my tumblr about PDF's, I have some bad news, my MediaFire Account was blacklisted and deleted, apparently I had some files on there that werent allowed to be shared, however never received a warning, So at this point in time, I don't have anywhere to upload my PDF files without getting possibly blacklisted again, so I'll either email people the files, OR I'll find another way to upload them.

With any questions people may have, comment on here. -Wraiyf

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