Hello everyone,

I've watched the movie Infinite Burst recently and I can't ignore the feeling that there must be something more to see. I've tried to read the light novels but I discovered that this kind of writing is not my thing. So I thought I could read the manga and I was able to find some chapters online, but I don't know exactly which arcs of the light novel the manga cover. The last volume was published only in Japan 2 years ago, so that's kinda disappointing. In the last chapter that I could find, the first page says: "This is the last chapter of the 'Floating Starlight Bridge' arc of the original novels..." After researching this fandom, I found out that this is the arc of the light novel's volume 5, and there are up to 24 volumes. So that means the manga won't cover the other arcs? Is it still in production?

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