Hello guys!I am annoying with my posts with any question that i have and for that i'm asking sry! After searching for some information about animes (including AW) i saw the phrase "2 cour show" and also the phrase " AW is a 2 cour show". I searched it a little bit and i saw two versions of that  as :

First I heard that the AW is a 2 cour anime and that 2 cour animes have a small break of 1-2 years before a second season. Depending on that they wrote that AW 24 episodes was season 1 and now we are waiting for season 2.

Second and last i heard a different opinion that AW 24 episodes was the 2 cour : 1-14 episodes season 1 and 14-24 season 2. Cause it aired in different seasons in TV. I wanted to ask :

1)AW has fullfilled his 2 cour "contract" (i heard it signed up for 2 season anime)?

2)And which of those 2 i posted is true?

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