Summary was getting a little long so I split it into three posts. I forgot about Leopard helping out during the battle with tank-mode Calamity Armor; she does use Bloodshed Cannon at one point to save the two of them, but is too damaged to do much else as Crow and Rain get captured.

Summary - Chapters 5 through 6 or something

As soon as Haruyuki comes to, he recalls Metatron having told him that the way to combat Void-attribute energy is to counter it with Light-attribute energy, which is essentially his Incarnate. Though he initially thought he had no time to do any of his attacks, with his newfound courage and power he blocks the Armor's cannon blast with his hand and eventually drives it away. As Crow's power proves superior, that arm of the Armor is completely destroyed. It begins to fall to the ground, still holding Rain.

However, it stops in mid-air - it's using the thrusters from Rain to stay afloat in a desperate attempt to attack them again. Unfortunately, its cannon is still recharging, and Crow takes the opportunity to dive straight towards it. Suddenly, the Armor releases the most gigantic burst of pure, dark energy that it possibly can, and Metatron herself steps in to block it.

It's almost too much for Metatron. As she suppresses the energy, Crow cries out to her. Metatron says that she is more than willing to give herself up to let Silver Crow fufill their goal. Tears start streaming down Crow's face as he looks on helplessly. After some final words, Metatron is destroyed along with all the dark energy.

Crow, now in a rage, dives towards the Armor again, which is now pretty much helpless. He lays the strongest Incarnate-fueled punch to its eye shield and manages to completely shatter it, along with the eye inside. It lets go of Rain, and Crow drives it down towards the ground as fast as he can using only his wings. Eventually, he releases it, and it falls down towards the ground, and so does Crow.

Unfortunately, Crow has no HP left and no special gauge left - he can't fly any longer. Hitting the ground from this height would kill him. He's still reeling from Metatron's death, too. However, in one last act of support, the Metatron Wings appear on his back again and allow him to land safely. Then, they disappear completely.

Biting back his sadness, he realizes Rain is still falling - she'd die too if she hit the ground. He wants very much to go over and catch her, but he's nearly out of physical and mental energy. Fortunately, Leopard runs past him and catches her on her back.

Crow looks back at the Armor, and Pile and Bell finally return. They apologize for taking so long - there weren't actually too many buildings around to bust up, but they're all set now. Crow points at the Armor, which seems to be completely inert this time. Bell uses Citron Call Mode 2 again, and this time, the Enhanced Armaments begin returning to Scarlet Rain. She gets back the cockpit block... then the main cannon... then the missile pods... but as the fourth and final activation of Citron Call is about to go off, the Armor suddenly winks out of existence.

Rain curses - she had thought that Black Vise and Argon Array's retreat timing was suspicious, but it seems they returned to the real world and pulled Wolfram Cerberus's cable out. Everyone is kind of bummed, but they did definitely defeat the Armor and the ISS Kit, so they can recover the thruster unit for the Invincible later on.

They don't have time to think about it anyway, though. Dozens of Enemies (er, Beings) start appearing on the edge of the giant crater,  much the same way Crypto Cosmic Circus appeared in Volume 2. Most of them are Lesser-class, but a few are Wild-class. And it didn't really matter because by himself, Crow can't take on a Lesser-class enemy at full health, much less in his current state. They have to try and break through. He grabs the other four Avatars and starts to try and fly out, but he has no guage left, and he can't use Incarnate because he's so mentally exhausted. He can't fly any higher than maybe 10 meters, and the enemies are all there waiting for him anyway.

Finally, Lotus and the Elements arrive on the scene, damaged though they are, to get them out of there. The four of them put down some insane cover fire, mostly via Maiden firing rains of arrows down from the air being carried by Sky Raker. They create an escape path, and Silver Crow manages to hover out of the crater with the other four. Once that happens, though, he totally collapses. Pile and Leopard help him up, and he wants to help drive away the remainign enemies so they won't get chased, but Lotus and Raker tell him to take a rest already and that they'll handle it. Lotus and the Elements turn around to face the rest of the enemies and unleash a crazy powerful Incarnate attack that blows all of the enemies really far back (though it doesn't kill them, of course) and then they all retreat to a portal, thus ending their two and a half book long adventure in the Unlimited Neutral Field...

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