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Kuroyukihime / Black Lotus (Burakku Rōtasu?)
Voiced by: Sachika Misawa
The main female protagonist, her real name is unknown. Beautiful and popular, she is also the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School. Her Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus, who had blades for hands which instantly cut any who touch them. She was a burst linker since 8 years old. She herself was formerly the Black King, although she was driven into hiding after killing the previous Red King while trying to defeat all other kings to reach level 10. She values Haru as more than a subordinate and is often the voice of reason to him when he is willing to go to extremes to protect her. Prior to her hospitalization, she confesses to Haru that she fell in love with him. She was apparently born on September 30, 2032 according to her forged identity in episode 9.

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