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When I started reading the light novels, it was after I had finished the anime, so I just started with book 5. My main man Arknarok here has been reading through the entire series from the beginning though, and he's been comparing it to the anime and telling me all the differences.

Episode 17 part 2[]

[10:30] <Arknarok> and specifically with episode 17 which corresponds to vol3 ch13 (yeah it's a big chapter)
[10:30] <Arknarok> I've touched on it barely, mentioning it omitted Sugeno subplot. This plot did surface briefly in ep20 (that was the teacher that called Haruyuki to the office at school), but that's not the point
[10:31] <Arknarok> the focus of ep17 is certainly the battle
[10:31] <Arknarok> but while the battle is okay done, I guess, there are 3 significant flaws in the episode
[10:31] <Arknarok> one more or less minor, one major and one unforgivable
[10:31] <Arknarok> I'll do them major-unforgivable-minor
[10:31] <DarkslimeZ|Work> before you go on
[10:32] <Arknarok> yes?
[10:32] <DarkslimeZ|Work> you have been saving all of these, right?
[10:32] <Arknarok> I keep all of the logs
[10:32] <Arknarok> of IRC
[10:32] <Arknarok> if that's what you mean
[10:32] <DarkslimeZ|Work> ok, because a lot of this info is good stuff that i could put on the wiki if i wasn't lazy
[10:32] <Arknarok> alright
[10:32] <Arknarok> so I first noted the major flaw before it even manifested itself
[10:33] <Arknarok> when I got the feeling the video call scene was going for a long time
[10:33] <Arknarok> it's not that important, but the anime really stretched it, focusing on more or less every detail mentioned in the book (except for the chuuni bra, they made that up)
[10:33] <Arknarok> but it's okay, I don't have anything against Kuro in a swimsuit and she pays the bills, so whatever
[10:34] <Arknarok> but what follows is a damn lengthy fight scene and if they spend so much time on the beach scene, it would be very hard to feature it without cutting anything
[10:34] <Arknarok> and if the animators would just so happened to have a grudge against a particular char--OH YOU KNOW WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY
[10:35] <DarkslimeZ|Work> takkun :(
[10:35] <Arknarok> have you ever wondered about the line Noumi said when he was about to finish off Cyan Pile?
[10:35] <Arknarok> about them only having 500 seconds left?
[10:35] <DarkslimeZ|Work> i don't really remember it
[10:35] <Arknarok> did you ever wonder how in the world it had taken them 1300 seconds to finish this?
[10:35] <Arknarok> their fight is like 3-5 minutes most
[10:35] <Arknarok> in the anime
[10:35] <Arknarok> in the book it goes for a lot, lot longer
[10:36] <Arknarok> and Pile gets to be much more awesome
[10:36] <Arknarok> he does lose a finger to Taker's cutters
[10:36] <Arknarok> but this whole scene was fairly impressive in the book, and Crow for the first time realized that their theory about Taker being inexperienced is likely not true
[10:37] <Arknarok> as Taker does do some fairly advanced tricks
[10:37] <Arknarok> like he cherry-picks the poisonous bugs of the Purgatory
[10:37] <Arknarok> to launch them at Pile
[10:37] <Arknarok> and the most important part
[10:37] <Arknarok> Pile never gave up
[10:37] <Arknarok> just never
[10:38] <Arknarok> even after Taker enabled Incarnation, Pile just kept fighting
[10:38] <Arknarok> the scene after Taker took him outside?
[10:38] <Arknarok> Pile could barely stand at that point and he still tried to hit him
[10:38] <Arknarok> Taker specifically tried to leave a lot of light wounds
[10:38] <Arknarok> because the pain stacks up
[10:38] <Arknarok> he wanted to bring him to his knees
[10:38] <Arknarok> but Pile never yielded
[10:38] <Arknarok> in the end Taker just had to knock him out with a kick
[10:39] <Arknarok> that is so freaking badass
[10:39] <Arknarok> and none of that is in the episode
[10:39] <DarkslimeZ|Work> :(
[10:40] <Arknarok> you know, I've been thinking. Why would they do that to Taku? And the only explanation I have is that they assume that their watchers are Haruyuki-type losers who don't want to see some alpha-male-ish character be awesome since they would be... I don't know, reminded of how much they suck?
[10:40] <Arknarok> now, I'm closer to Haruyuki than to Taku myself
[10:40] <Arknarok> and I see 2 flaws with that reasoning
[10:41] <Arknarok> 1. It's counterproductive when the viewer is familiar with the changes. I feel the "yeah, sucker, THAT'S what you want  to see, Crow saving the day. Pile can just go cry in a corner, YOU'RE the hero"
[10:41] <Arknarok> and it's insulting
[10:41] <Arknarok> 2. Why the hell should I hate looking at cool heroes? I think even losers like myself enjoy superhero comics and movies
[10:41] <Arknarok> like Batman
[10:41] <Arknarok> Batman is someone way cooler than me
[10:41] <Arknarok> or most people
[10:41] <Arknarok> but I like him
[10:41] <DarkslimeZ|Work> my guesses are that
[10:41] <Arknarok> because he's a role model. He's inspiring
[10:42] <DarkslimeZ|Work> 1) they need a comic relief character of some sort
[10:42] <DarkslimeZ|Work> because when you think about it, there really isn't a dedicated one
[10:42] <DarkslimeZ|Work> anime tropes, etc.
[10:42] <DarkslimeZ|Work> and 2) kuroyukihime OP pls nerf
[10:42] <Arknarok> and so is Cyan Pile. His acts of badassery are inspiring in the same way
[10:42] <Arknarok> uh
[10:42] <Arknarok> what does the 2nd one mean
[10:42] <DarkslimeZ|Work> sunrise put so much emphasis on kuroyukihime
[10:42] <Arknarok> oh
[10:42] <Arknarok> right
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> *almost* to the point where the overshadowed haruyuki
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> but not quite
[10:43] <Arknarok> well, okay
[10:43] <Arknarok> moving on to the unforgivable flaw
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> they understood that if kuroyukihime was away for the entire second season
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> then they'd need to somehow give her more screentime
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> taku is the scapegoat
[10:43] <Arknarok> and I call it that because it seems minor on first sight
[10:43] <DarkslimeZ|Work> plus they put those two filler from book 10 episodes in there
[10:43] <Arknarok> but when you think of the implications...
[10:43] <Arknarok> and it has to do with Gale Thrusters
[10:44] <Arknarok> do you remember they have a dedicated fuel bar in the interface?
[10:44] <Arknarok> well, I assume you do, it's hard to miss
[10:45] <Arknarok> anyway, the first problem is that it barely even depletes in the anime
[10:45] <Arknarok> I think Crow uses like half of the charge
[10:45] <Arknarok> at most
[10:45] <DarkslimeZ|Work> Oh, right, the gale thrusters have their own fuel bar
[10:45] <Arknarok> and that's where the part of the issue comes from
[10:45] <DarkslimeZ|Work> taku's pile driver i think has its own fuel bar too
[10:46] <Arknarok> the whole problem Raker had with the Thrusters is that they're equipment for ROCKET-PROPELLED JUMPS, not SHORT FLIGHTS like in the anime
[10:46] <Arknarok> the fuel depletes EXTREMELY fast
[10:46] <Arknarok> remember the scene when he flew up to blast Taker's flame thrower?
[10:46] <Arknarok> ...yep, that took out his ENTIRE FUEL BAR
[10:46] <Arknarok> he didn't land on a lamp post after that because he was tired
[10:46] <Arknarok> he ran out of fuel
[10:47] <Arknarok> and now we come to the worst thing they've done with the fight
[10:47] <Arknarok> in the book, Haruyuki, while sitting on the post, invokes Incarnation. He creates a strong image of the sky, strains his will to flight
[10:47] <Arknarok> and forces Thrusters to recharge
[10:48] <Arknarok> does it seem minor? Well the problem is that is HALF OF THE PLOT OF THE BOOK IN THAT SCENE
[10:48] <Arknarok> THIS was why Raker told Haruyuki that "he, of all people, should be able to fly with that equipment"
[10:48] <Arknarok> THIS was the entire point of teaching Incarnation to him
[10:48] <Arknarok> THIS was ultimately the entire point of Raker's storyline in vol. 3
[10:48] <Arknarok> all of that? gone
[10:49] <DarkslimeZ|Work> well, he will obviously still need incarnate to combat taker's incarnate
[10:49] <Arknarok> how the hell did they manage to screw up that? Unless they haven't really paid attention while reading
[10:49] <Arknarok> yeah, that's partly true, but you get the idea
[10:49] <DarkslimeZ|Work> also, i don't know if that's the reason she taught him incarnate
[10:49] <Arknarok> and it isn't hard to fix. If they'd rearrange the scenes and flashbacks
[10:50] <Arknarok> it would work
[10:50] <DarkslimeZ|Work> there's probably a lot of reasons
[10:50] <DarkslimeZ|Work> most of which involve his psyche at the time
[10:50] <Arknarok> yeah, but that was the most important at hand. He wanted to know incarnate to fly, she enabled him to use incarnate to fly
[10:50] <DarkslimeZ|Work> and the fact that he's now one of only two/three people with black lotus
[10:50] <Arknarok> seems straightforward
[10:51] <Arknarok> well to me it's an unforgivable flaw
[10:51] <Arknarok> now for the minor flaw which is the interface of Battle Royale
[10:51] <Arknarok> okay, do BRs happen in the later volumes? Do you know how the interface is supposed to look like?
[10:51] <DarkslimeZ|Work> they do happen from time to time
[10:51] <DarkslimeZ|Work> all i know is that
[10:51] <DarkslimeZ|Work> basically, someone proposes a battle royale
[10:52] <DarkslimeZ|Work> i guess with certain other people
[10:52] <DarkslimeZ|Work> or possibly with everyone ever
[10:52] <DarkslimeZ|Work> and everyone involved has to agree to it
[10:52] <Arknarok> I'm not talking about invocation, I mean the location of lifebars
[10:52] <Arknarok> which is the issue
[10:52] <DarkslimeZ|Work> uhh
[10:52] <DarkslimeZ|Work> no, i don't know
[10:53] <Arknarok> in the anime, Taker's life bar goes into the upper right corner, while Pile goes under Crow's
[10:53] <Arknarok> like they're teammates or something
[10:53] <Arknarok> which is kinda not the point of BR
[10:53] <DarkslimeZ|Work> wasn't that considered a tag battle
[10:53] <Arknarok> nope
[10:53] <DarkslimeZ|Work> well
[10:53] <DarkslimeZ|Work> the author probably hadn't invented tag battles yet
[10:53] <DarkslimeZ|Work> tbh
[10:53] <DarkslimeZ|Work> lol
[10:53] <Arknarok> no, wait, I'm not done yet
[10:54] <Arknarok> if all the lifebars are collected in the immediate interface, how come they didn't spot Lime Bell?
[10:54] <Arknarok> in the book, lifebars in Battle Royale go above the heads of the fighters, RTS style
[10:54] <DarkslimeZ|Work> she would have had to agree to it too
[10:54] <Arknarok> that would support infinite number of players
[10:54] <DarkslimeZ|Work> right
[10:54] <Arknarok> and allow Lime Bell to hid
[10:54] <Arknarok> hide*
[10:54] <Arknarok> but they've changed it for some reason
[10:54] <Arknarok> maybe they felt it was better that way
[10:55] <DarkslimeZ|Work> they didn't read hard enough
[10:55] <Arknarok> Lime Bell had to agree anyway, or the fight wouldn't start
[10:55] <DarkslimeZ|Work> such inconsistency very wow

Episode 20[]

[10:28] <Arknarok> alright *rubs hands*
[10:29] <Arknarok> I've just finished reading vol 4 ch3
[10:29] <Arknarok> vol4 ch1-3 correspond to the entirety of episode 20

// cut //

[10:55] <Arknarok> now for the episode 20
[10:55] <Arknarok> I would say "they've changed a few things", but that would be understating it
[10:55] <Arknarok> they've literally rewritten every dialogue scene
[10:55] <Arknarok> from scratch
[10:56] <Arknarok> but they still serve mostly the same purpose so whatever
[10:56] <Arknarok> except, of course, Takumu didn't cry in the book
[10:56] <Arknarok> during the next home meeting
[10:56] <Arknarok> *sigh*
[10:56] <Arknarok> just in case you want to know, he didn't keep chatting with Haruyuki all of the next day
[10:57] <Arknarok> they've discussed everything back at home
[10:57] <Arknarok> I guess that scene was too long so they've chopped it up
[10:57] <DarkslimeZ|Work> i don't remember most of the second season, so
[10:57] <Arknarok> the Wednesday at school kinda went a bit different too
[10:57] <Arknarok> when Haru was hit by that enraged guy, it was a bit different
[10:58] <Arknarok> and I felt it was kind of an important difference
[10:58] <Arknarok> first of all, it was 2 guys, but that's not important
[10:58] <Arknarok> the important part is that the guy didn't do that because he's evil
[10:58] <Arknarok> he's not a professional bully
[10:58] <Arknarok> 1) He didn't go out of the range of social cameras
[10:58] <Arknarok> 2) He looked as if he had never hit anyone before
[10:59] <Arknarok> 3) His punched sucked so hard, Haruyuki didn't actually fall
[10:59] <Arknarok> you're supposed to feel sorry for that guy too, since he's a victim of Noumi as well
[11:00] <Arknarok> in a way
[11:00] <Arknarok> the anime just made him an asshole
[11:00] <Arknarok> but as I said, going over all the changes would be pointless, since they've rewritten more or less everything except the end of the battle

// cut //

[11:08] <Arknarok> I like quier chapters like ch2 which is just Haru and Taku having a discussion
[11:09] <Arknarok> obviously anime dropped some of the philosophical issues like Haru starting to have doubts about why incarnate wasn't patched if it's essentialy breaking the game limits
[11:09] <Arknarok> and they've also cut an emotional scene where Taku finally responds in a serious way to the words Haru said back in vol1 when they were fighting
[11:09] <DarkslimeZ|Work> "obviously" lol
[11:09] <Arknarok> about their status quo and stuff