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Tourmaline Shell is a member of the Legion Leonids, who specializes in hand to hand combat, using martial arts.

Personality: He displays a typical hyperactive kind of character. Where he first assume Silver Crow and Lime Bell were on a date before dueling them & what they do after they won in interpreting they hug & kiss. He's pretty lenient to explain how their Legion doesn't have many Girl Burst Linkers because they are a Close-Combat type. He's also pretty close a buddy to Frost Horn.

Duel Avatar[]

Basically a skinny metallic humanoid, with a triangle pattern face mark with circle eyes.


«Piezoelectric Armor» - Tourmaline Shell possesses the ability to generate electricity and heat across his entire body, making him the ideal partner for Frost Horn in Tag Battles as it cancels the effects of «Frosted Circle».

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