The Seven Arcs are Enhanced Armaments that originate from dungeons in the Unlimited Neutral Field, like the Imperial Palace.

They are based on the "Big Dipper", with each of the Armaments being named after each of the stars their Eastern Asian names.


  1. «The Impulse» - currently owned by the Blue King, Blue Knight. It is a great sword possessing high offensive ability. Other details are unknown.
  2. «The Tempest» - currently owned by the Purple King, Purple Thorn. It a 1.5 metres long pewter staff. According to Nickel Doll, it has a strong lightning attack. No other details are known.
  3. «The Strife» - currently owned by the Green King, Green Grandee. It is a great shield possessing an ability called Double Payback: It absorbs any damage the Strife takes and inflicts twice that amount on the attacker. However, there is a limit on how much the Strife can absorb, after which it will shatter.
  4. «The Luminary» - currently owned by the White King, White Cosmos. It is a crown and a scepter, with the scepter possessing the ability to take control of any Enemy the crown is equiped to. The ability can canceled in two ways: destroy the crown or nullify the user's ownership. The scepter can be loaned, but the possessor of the crown maintains ownership. It was later modified by Black Vise to have heat resistance.[1]
  5. «The Infinity» - currently owned by Azure Heir. It is a sword with the ability to infinitely increase the damage it can deal on the first strike after being unsheathed while being inside its sheath.
  6. «The Destiny» - previously owned by Chrome Falcon. It is an armor with the ability to heal its wearer when they inflict damage. It became «The Disaster» after he used Incarnation to fuse it with another Enhanced Armament, «The Starcaster». However, Silver Crow managed to separate the two Armaments and they are currently sealed in Chrome Falcon and Saffron Blossom's former residence.
  7. «The Fluctuating Light» - located in the center of forbidden city, the core of BB2039's central server. It is nigh-impossible to reach due to numerous God-class Enemies having spawning points near it. It has been theorized that the true aim of Brain Burst is not to reach level 10, but to obtain this Arc.



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