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The Disaster Mark II was a sentient Enhanced Armament created by combining four Enhanced Armaments – the cockpit, legs, laser cannons, and rocket thrusters of Scarlet Rain's Invincible – onto Wolfram Cerberus via the Incarnate System, specifically, with the negative incarnation from the ISS Kit Main Body. It was mostly destroyed with Lime Bell's special attack Citron Call Mode II, but its rocket thrusters remain.


The Disaster Mk. II was a 6-meter-tall copper-colored Enhanced Armament. Its cockpit was entirely covered with metallic scales, and formed its torso, with tumor-like rocket thrusters on its back. Its head was an eyeball half-sunken into its cockpit with a blood-red iris. It had two worm-like laser cannons attached to the sides, complete with ring-like segments, with four claws added onto each of their ends. Long spikes reached out from its shoulders and knees. Its feet had two claws each. It was also covered in gill-like slits.[1]

It could transform into a vehicular mode, much like the Invincible from which it was made. When transformed, it took the form of a rod-like car with rocket thrusters on its back end, which gave out black fire when active. It had 3 wheels on each side made of sharp metal plates. Its head formed the cockpit, and had 6 protective plates surrounding it. It was still covered in gill-like slits, which emitted a black gas. The laser cannons on its sides were mounted on arms. The arms could pop out to reveal hands with 3 claws.[2]


The armor was created from the Acceleration Research Society's research on the original Chrome Disaster. They pooled their skills and resources to gather the components they theorized to recreate it. In terms of raw power, it is more powerful than the Disaster, but it has fewer abilities, making it less versatile.

It was formed from the negative incarnation gathered by the ISS Kits, 4 pieces of Scarlet Rain's Invincible stolen using Wolfram Cerberus III's, aka Dusk Taker's, Demonic Commandeer, as well as the highly defensive Wolfram Cerberus himself. It has been guessed that the influx of negative incarnation from the ISS Kit Main Body wiped the copy of Dusk Taker from Cerberus III and replaced it with the its own consciousness instead.[2]

Only the rocket thrusters remain after application of Lime Bell's Citron Call Mode II.[3]


  • Dreadnought (unnamed) – As the Enhanced Armaments that form its base are components of Scarlet Rain's Invincible, it inherits its ability to transform into a vehicular form.[2]
  • Armament Repair (unnamed) – The Disaster Mk. II is seen repairing itself by using Incarnate to pull together parts separated from its main body.[1]
  • Dark Blow – Much like the ISS Kit Main Body which forms its consciousness, the Disaster Mk. II can use Dark Blow. When activated, it pulls in surrounding Duel Avatars, then destroys them in its shadow-like aura.[3]
  • Dark Shot – As with Dark Blow, the Disaster Mk. II can also use Dark Shot. It shoots blood red beams of void-type incarnation as one of its main attacks. Even if it strikes a glancing blow, it has the ability to pull its target into the beam, making it very hard to escape. When it hits, it will create a large incarnation explosion which does not damage itself. It has a 60-second recharge time.[2]

Enhanced Armaments[]

From Scarlet Rain's Invincible:

  • Unnamed rocket thrusters – Wing-like rocket thrusters attached to the back of Wolfram Cerberus.[3] With the other 3 components of the Invincible, they appeared more like tumors.[1]
  • Unnamed laser cannons (formerly) – This Enhanced Armament was warped by Dusk Taker's Demonic Commandeer to fit a Duel Avatar of his color, then warped further with negative incarnation. As such, instead of the pure scarlet cannons of the original Invincible, they instead appeared as worm-like cannons mounted on two clawed arms.[1]
  • Unnamed cockpit (formerly) – This Enhanced Armament formed the torso of the Disaster Mk. II. Unlike the Invincible, its opening was covered entirely with metallic scales.[1]
  • Unnamed legs (formerly) – Again unlike the Invincible's version, it does not take the form of a four-legged stand, but two legs with claws, even prior to its corruption into part of the Disaster Mk. II.[1]



  • It has shown an ability to learn rapidly, knowing not to repeat mistakes from earlier on in the same battle.[2]
  • The Archangel Metatron has noted that it acts like an artificial Enemy.[4]