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The Accelerated World is the world created by a series of four games made by an anonymous developer. The first three are known as Accel Assault (AA), Brain Burst (BB), and Cosmos Corrupt (CC), while the fourth continues to remain unnamed.

Technical Functioning[]

The Accelerated World is a virtual world that is truly one of a kind. Unlike any other program of the late 2040s, the Accel World runs on unique technology: Soul Translator Technology, which was supposedly lost during the late 2020s.

Soul Translator Technology[]

Abbreviated as STL technology, this mysterious technology taps directly into the Fluctlight of an individual, which is a collection of trapped photons stored within the microtubules of neurons. For all intents and purposes, the Fluctlight is an individual’s soul, hence the name “Soul Translator Technology”. Unbeknownst to almost all Japanese residents, the Neuro Linker runs on STL technology.[1]

Fluctlight Acceleration[]


The Initial Acceleration Space that an accelerated individual first sees

One of the key features of Soul Translator Technology is the concept of “Fluctlight Acceleration”, also known as FLA. By accelerating the functioning of a Fluctlight, the consciousness of the user can be accelerated by almost an infinite amount. The amount the Fluctlight is accelerated is called the “FLA Rate”.

Using Fluctlight Acceleration, the Accelerated World normally runs under an FLA Rate of one-thousand, hence the name “Accelerated” world. All activities in any of the games run under this accelerated form of time. In other words, the residents of the Accelerated World regularly experience time one thousand times slower than usual.

Lightcube Cluster[]

When an individual first installs one of the games of the Accelerated World, a bizarre phenomenon occurs during the night of the installation. While the individual is asleep, the program copies the Fluctlight of the soon-to-be Linker, creating an Artificial Fluctlight copy. The copy is then stored inside a Lightcube, a cube shaped contraption that is capable of storing a Fluctlight, in the Accel World’s Lightcube Cluster.[2]

Whenever the individual accelerates, they don’t actually use their physical brains or personal Fluctlights to play the game. Instead, they navigate the Accelerated World using their Fluctlight copy stored in a Lightcube. Using this method, problems relating to the exhaustion of a soul’s natural lifespan can be circumvented.

Once a Linker finishes their dive into the virtual world, the memory between the copy and their real Fluctlight is synchronized, allowing them to remember the events of the Accelerated World even while in the real one.

However, even when a Linker loses all of their points – and thus the privilege of entering the Accelerated World – their Fluctlight copy remains within the Lightcube Cluster. Exploiting this characteristic, some Linkers have been revived by reconnecting the copy with their real Fluctlights.

Main Visualizer[]

Another key feature of the Accelerated World is the use of the Main Visualizer, which controls all events that happen in the virtual world.[3]

The Main Visualizer basically acts as a “bridge” between a Linker’s Fluctlight and the Accelerated World. Unlike the other games of the era, the Main Visualizer feeds information to the players not through pixels, but through memory information. Using this technique, the world created by the Main Visualizer is incredibly realistic.

The Main Visualizer also reads the “imagination” of the Linker’s Fluctlights, processing them into physical phenomena in the Accelerated World. Thought to be originally intended to be used only as a movement support, this “image control system” allows players to control their avatars through their imagination. Exploiting this function, the Incarnate System was formed.

Besides reading the “imaginations” of the players to allow better avatar control, the Main Visualizer also uses the imagination data to create future prediction.[4] Within high-speed battles, the system is unable to process visual information fast enough to keep up with the movements of the battle. Thus, the Main Visualizer reads the thoughts of the Linkers, creating a prediction of the future. In other words, what players see is not what is actually there, but simply a prediction produced by the system. This future prediction system is amazingly accurate, effectively allowing players to flawlessly view their surroundings. However, some players have found ways to exploit this system, notably Centaurea Sentry with her Omega Style.


The story of the Accelerated World’s creation is told by Graphite Edge. The full text is as follows:[5]

A long, long time ago, there was a large battle in a world that closely resembled this one, a battle brought about by a certain “presence” locked away in that world – to borrow Metatron’s wording, a Being. The war that waged between the two sides was long and fierce. Although the world was virtual, much blood was spilled, and many lives were lost from that world.

Developer B versus Developer A

The objective of one side was the destruction of the Being in question. The objective of the other side was to free the Being from the world. After years of fighting, the leaders of the two sides discovered at basically the same time a console that would allow them to exercise administrator privileges in this virtual world – game master privileges. But that was all the console gave them, so the only thing they could do was generate and place objects and monsters within the already maximum resource range; the console didn’t allow soldiers on either side – players – to directly annihilate the other or the Being at the heart of the matter.

So the leader whose aim was to destroy the Being – let’s call him A. As an alternative plan, he tried to lock the Being away in the virtual world forever. He created an enormous dungeon at the center of the world, sealed the Being in the deepest level, and had the area guarded by eight of the most powerful class of monsters. Moreover, he made the dungeon itself an impregnable, impenetrable stronghold protected by four similarly powerful monsters.

Meanwhile, the other leader, B, whose start had been delayed only a few minutes, challenged A to a fight and won. But by that time, A had completely locked the stronghold, and B could not rescue the Being with GM privileges. Leader B and the players they commanded were forced to attack the stronghold under their own power. But the four guard monsters A had placed there were overwhelmingly – no, hopelessly strong, and B and their army could not defeat even one of them. B’s comrades fell one after another, and finally, B, too, had to abandon the attack.

So they decided to entrust their hope to the future. To believe that at some point, warriors powerful enough to defeat the four gatekeeper monsters would come, penetrate the stronghold, take down the eight guardian monsters, and release the Being.

In summary, the Accelerated World was created by Developer B to free the Fluctuating Light, a “being” sealed within the Imperial Palace. In order to achieve this goal, Developer B made three games: Accel Assault 2038 (AA), Brain Burst 2039 (BB), and Cosmos Corrupt 2040 (CC).

However, he couldn’t release the games immediately. He had to first wait until children highly compatible with Soul Translator Technology began to appear – in other words, for children who had worn Neuro Linkers since birth.[2]


The Accelerated World is currently run by an Artificial Intelligence administrator. Ruthlessly efficient, this A.I. administrator quickly and effectively fixes any bugs and glitches found by the games’ players.[2]

In order to close down the games, the A.I. administrator allegedly created the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca. Practically omnipotent, the Apocalypse God ruthlessly kills all that lies in his path. Using this tool, the A.I. administrator is able to effectively terminate any of the games deemed to be failures.


Accel Assault 2038[]

Accel Assault 2038, also known as AA, was the first of the Accelerated World’s games. Accel Assault was a high-speed shooter that valued player duels, a.k.a. PvP, as the main aspect. Players of this game are known as “Assault Linkers”.

Accel Assault was allegedly terminated because of excessive fighting and hostility between the players.

Brain Burst 2039[]

Brain Burst 2039, also known as BB, is the second of the Accelerated World’s games. Brain Burst is a combination of both PvP and PvE, and is the focus of the Accel World series. Players of this game are known as “Burst Linkers”.

As of now, Brain Burst has not yet been terminated. However, the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca has already been released. As such, the end of Brain Burst may be drawing near.

Cosmos Corrupt 2040[]

Cosmos Corrupt 2040, also known as CC, is the third of the Accelerated World’s games. Cosmos Corrupt was a hack-and-slash fighting game that valued Enemy hunts, a.k.a. PvE, as the main aspect. Players of this game are known as “Corrupt Linkers”.

Cosmos Corrupt was allegedly terminated because of excessive harmony and peace between the players.

Unnamed Fourth Game[]

There is allegedly a fourth Accelerated World game, glimpsed by Silver Crow in the Highest Level.[2] It seems to be a new game that was launched very recently, and is thus much younger than its three predecessors.

This fourth game seems to be isolated from AA, BB, and CC. While AA, BB, and CC are quite close when viewed from the Highest Level, being layered together, this fourth game is very, very far away from the cluster of the three games.


  • The Accelerated World shares many of the same concepts and terminology with Sword Art Online:
    • Fluctlight Technology
    • Fluctlight Acceleration
    • Lightcube
    • Main Visualizer
  • The image of Developer B shown in Volume 19 looks very similar to Kirito from SAO
  • The ruthless efficiency of the Artificial Intelligence Administrator is similar to that of SAO’s Cardinal System
  • Aside from the three main games of AA, BB, and CC, there also exists an unnamed fourth one