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Territory Battles (領土戦争, ryoudo sensou) are the team combat battles that decide a Legion's territory.


Territory Battles happen every Saturday and last for one real-world hour, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. It pits a team of Burst Linkers from one Legion against a team of Burst Linkers from another. These battles decide the ownership of territories, each of which is called a Combat Area. Each ward in the Tokyo metropolitan area is made up of multiple Combat Areas. There are around sixty in total, and follow the naming pattern "Suginami Third Combat Area", "Chiyoda Second Combat Area", etc.


In order to set up an attack on hostile territory, the attacking side uses the Legion tab in the main menu of Brain Burst to select which members will attack what territory. These members will have to physically travel to the location, which leaves them in the Matching List, so most of the time the Burst Linker will not connect to the Global Net until they're inside the territory. Once inside the territory, the team leader accelerates and starts the battle.[1]

A Legion can only send as many members to attack a territory as the defending Legion has to defend that territory. Once the Duel button is pressed, Brain Burst will look at the number of defending members and automatically remove attackers, starting with the lowest-level ones (or selected at random, if the members are the same level).[2] A Burst Linker can only be deployed a single time for a specific Territory Battle.

However, there is a minimum of three members for the attacking side, so if the defending Legion only uses one or two Burst Linkers to defend, the attacking Legion can still use three.[2]

If the total number of participants exceeds 20, i.e. 10 on each side, then each side will be split into teams of 3 or 4, and only the HP gauges of those nearby will be shown. The teams are not entirely random, but are based on their past battle experiences and real-life locations.[3]


In order to defend a territory, the Legion that currently owns the territory must assign its Burst Linkers to each territory for its defense.[1] The number and identities of the defending members will be hidden from the Matching List.[2] There is no upper limit to the number of defenders that can be assigned, and the same defenders can be selected for as many battles in a row as needed.

The defenders can also defend territories adjacent to the one they are in.[1]

Battle Format[]

Territory Battles are of a "control point" nature - a number of Footholds will appear. Footholds are basically big rings; whoever currently controls a Foothold can refill their Special Gauge by waiting inside one. However, they must first be occupied by standing under the ring for 30 seconds.[3] In addition to this, a Stronghold is set up in the middle of the stage, which is basically a bigger Foothold with a higher recharge rate.

Victory Conditions[]

Whoever is able to capture all Footholds and the Stronghold, or annihilate the enemy team, is the winner. In order to actually hold on to a territory, the Legion must successfully defend it in at least 50% of the attacks it faces. Otherwise, the territory will be turned over to the attacking side's Legion.

No Burst Points are exchanged in these battles, even if a Duel Avatar were to be defeated.

Territory Benefits[]

If a Burst Linker's Legion currently possesses territory, then that Burst Linker cannot be challenged to a Duel while they are inside that territory. However, they may still challenge others. This is the main benefit of possessing territory.