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Toudou Touga (藤堂 冬牙, Tōdō Tōga) is a Burst Linker, the Legion Master of Sword of Sodan.


He is very passionate about the search for beauty.[1] He also has a sense of justice, as he punished Vanilla Slicer for attempting to remove Aluminum Valkyrie from the Accelerated World, and sought punishment for being oblivious to Slicer's discontent.[2]

According to Hoori Yuuko, he always tries to carry burdens by himself.[2]


Touga has known Hoori Yuuko and Kuruma Kurumi since a young age, judging by his mother's reaction to their visit.[3] He also has a crush on Yuuko, and keeps trying to get her to join his legion.[1]

He was the secretary of Seiou Academy's Student Council when he met Vanilla Slicer, and later became the chairman.[1][4]

He has never won a battle against Yuuko.[1]


Touga has black hair and wears glasses because of his aesthetic sense.[1]


Glacier Tiger[]

Touga's Duel Avatar is a light blue,[4] presumably the color of ice. He takes the form of a humanoid tiger with a cape.[4]


  • Unnamed ability – He has the ability to freeze the moisture surrounding him to form swords and spears, or enhance his strikes with ice to do ice-type damage.[4]
  • Heart of Diamond Dust – It is unsure what this ability does exactly, but it seems to surround him in diamond dust which could abrade his tribal wear,[4] and presumably other things as well.
  • Judgement Blow – An ability given to all Legion Masters that allows them to instantly uninstall Brain Burst from one of their legion members.


  • Toudou Touga (藤堂 冬牙, Tōdō Tōga)
  • Glacier Tiger (グレイシャー・タイガー, Gureishā Taigā)
  • Heart of Diamond Dust (ハート・オブ・ダイヤモンドダスト, Hāto obu Daiyamondo Dasuto)


  • He shares a color with Glacier Behemoth. This makes the canonicity of Magisa Garden uncertain.


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