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Suzukawa Seri (鈴川 瀬利, Suzukawa Seri), or Centaurea Sentry (セントレア・セントリー, Sentorea Sentorī), is a Level 8 Burst Linker who was formerly the Third Chrome Disaster. After her resurrection, however, she joined Nega Nebulus.


In her Burst Linker days, Seri was said to be merciless, earning her the nickname of “Ruthless”.[1] However, she is also kind-hearted, teaching Crimson Kingbolt how to use Attack type Incarnation after listening to his story.[2] Furthermore, she helped Haruyuki in his battle against the Legend Class Enemy Einherjar, then taking him in as the sole heir of the Omega Style.

However, in spite of her ruthless personality, Seri has been shown to be surprisingly emotional. This observation has been expressed by both her parent, Saffron Blossom, and her student, Haruyuki.

As a teacher, Seri is ruthless – she never went easy on Haruyuki during their training matches. Nevertheless, she is also very patient. When Haruyuki lost heart after observing no visible progress, Seri encouraged him while sharing a flask of sake.

In Brain Burst, she talks with an archaic samurai style in a husky voice. In fact, Haruyuki mistook her for a male when he first heard her voice.[3]


As a Child of Saffron Blossom, Seri is a veteran among veterans, having entered Brain Burst at the dawn of the Accelerated World. Using her self-invented “Omega Style”, she was a fearsome swordsman rivalling the Blue King, Blue Knight. It was said that if one were to stumble across her in the Unlimited Neutral Field, they were already dead.

After the death of the Second Chrome Disaster, she was parasitized by the Armor of Catastrophe. As the Third Chrome Disaster, she donated the attribute of swordsmanship to the Armor. Near the end of her rampage as the Third Chrome Disaster, she retained enough willpower to allow Blue Knight to kill her.[3]

However, her Fluctlight copy continued to exist in Brain Burst’s Lightcube Cluster. As a “ghost” wandering around in the depths of the Main Visualizer, she one day managed to establish a connection to Haruyuki on the Highest Level. Through an unknown method, she managed to relink the Fluctlight copy with the physical body, restoring herself as a Burst Linker. Now, she is Haruyuki’s teacher and a member of Nega Nebulus.


Seri is a very tall with a large bust. She possesses long black hair tied to the sides with blue hair clips, along with a fringe in the middle of her forehead.

Plot Outline[]

White Legion Arc[]

Kuroyukihime’s Confession[]

During Haruyuki’s battle with the Legend Class Enemy Einherjar, Seri intervenes through her Fluctlight copy, giving Haruyuki advice on how to successfully cut through Einherjar’s tough armor. Introducing herself as Centaurea Sentry, the Third Chrome Disaster, she explains that by applying a great force onto an infinitely small point, a sword could cut through anything. Naming him the sole heir of the universal Omega Style, she tells him to use her advice to cut through the armor.

The Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[]

After Haruyuki successfully rose up to the Highest Level after ten hours of slashing a metal ball, Seri appears next to him and questions his purpose. Haruyuki answers that he wants to master the Omega Style. Realizing that she could not teach him with an incorporeal form in the Highest Level, Seri gives him the instructions to revive her duel avatar.

In the real world, Haruyuki travels through Tokyo to find Seri’s real life persona. After convincing the memory-suppressed Seri to Direct Connect with him, Haruyuki momentarily connects to the Highest Level, initiating a flow of information through the cable into Seri. After stating that her memory had been synchronized, the now-revived Seri follows Haruyuki to his house.

When they arrive, they are greeted by a surprise party with all of the members of Nega Nebulus. After Haruyuki explains Seri’s identity, the senior members of Nega Nebulus immediately express great surprise and hostility towards the supposedly dead legendary swordsman known as “Ruthless”, “Asura”, and “Omega Weapon”. Once everyone calmed down, the surprise party began.

After the party ended, Seri stays with Haruyuki for a sleepover along with Kuroyukihime and Rin. At two-thirty in the morning, Seri dove with Haruyuki into the Unlimited Neutral Field. After checking on the Sun God Inti, she leads Haruyuki over to her player home, which she called Oumuten Pavilion.

In the courtyard of the mansion, she first engages Haruyuki in a practice match – or rather, a demonstration. Readying his sword, Haruyuki begins watching Seri, preparing to make the first strike. However, at this moment, Seri’s duel avatar vanishes for a split second, then reappears, not appearing to have moved. Not comprehending what had just happened, Haruyuki hears a plopping sound in the water at his feet. Looking down, he finds – his cleanly severed shoulder pad. Completely confused, Haruyuki intently watches Seri’s movements this time, determined to see the strike. However, once again, Seri momentarily vanishes, and his other shoulder pad is sliced off.

Seri then challenges Haruyuki to try to strike her. Wielding his Lucid Blade, Haruyuki slashes at Seri’s duel avatar. However, her duel vanishes again, and the slash goes right through her now incorporeal body without leaving a single slash. Confused, Haruyuki slashes over and over again to no avail.

After this brief demonstration, Seri leads Haruyuki to the inside of her mansion to explain what had just happened. She explains that she had just used an Omega Style technique known as Synthesis. In high-speed battles, the Brain Burst system would read the players’ thoughts to predict the future. As such, what Burst Linkers saw was not actually the real-time movements of their opponents, but future predictions done by the system.

By completely negating all thoughts, Seri could synthesize with the surrounding world. Going under the radar of the system, she would momentarily become invisible. After explaining this Omega Style technique, she once again leads Haruyuki to the courtyard to resume training.

After three months of training, Haruyuki began to panic. After all this time, he was still making no noticeable progress – he hadn’t been able to land even a single strike on Seri during the past three months. On the ninetieth day, he woke up in the middle of the night and walked out to the courtyard for a breath of fresh air.

After a while, Seri also followed him outside. Talking for a bit, Haruyuki shares his worries with his mentor. Sharing a flask of sake with him, she explains that his worries were completely unfounded. Since Omega Style killed in one strike, him landing a single strike would mean him defeating her. Of course he wouldn’t be able to defeat her, a veteran among veterans, with only three months of training.

After this bit of reassurance, Haruyuki, now drunk, falls asleep. For the next thirty days, he trained with renewed vigor.

After a hundred-twenty days had passed, Seri exited the Unlimited Neutral Field to inform Kuroyukihime about the situation. Meanwhile, Haruyuki stayed within, continuing to train.

God of Demise[]

After Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime safely exit the Unlimited Neutral Field after escaping from the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca, Seri greets them immediately. Explaining the outcome, Seri nods grimly and prepares to leave. However, before that, Kuroyukihime requested for her to join Nega Nebulus. After a bit of thought, Seri agrees, officially becoming a member of Nega Nebulus.

During the meeting to form a plan of action to save Silver Crow from Infinite Enemy Kill under the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca, Seri played a key role in proposing and evaluating candidates for the six swordsmen who would be assigned the task of freeing the Apocalypse God from the crowns of the Luminary. After rejecting the nominations of Black Lotus, Cobalt Blade, Manganese Blade, Veridian Decurion, and Crimson Kingbolt (whom she had proposed personally), Seri agreed for the team to be composed of Metatron, Cyan Pile, Azure Heir, Graphite Edge, Lavender Downer, and herself.

During the mission to save Silver Crow from the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca, Seri successfully cut through one of the Luminary's crowns using advanced third-stage Incarnation, fulfilling her role as one of the six appointed swordsmen.


Network Avatar[]

Seri’s network avatar is that of a weasel in a blue kimono.

Centaurea Sentry[]

Centaurea Sentry has the appearance of a knight, wearing plain armor with almost no decorations. Her face is completely hidden with a mask in the shape of a protruding diamond with very small eyes. However, her silver hair is extremely long, reaching down to her toes.

The most striking part about the Centaurea Sentry duel avatar is its extremely pure, vivid blue. Haruyuki noted that even the Blue King, Blue Knight, was not as “blue” as Centaurea Sentry.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Claíomh Solais – An Enhanced Armament taking the form of a longsword with a faint golden color.[4]
  • 12 other commonly used swords.[4]


  • Feather Fall – A passive ability that allows Centaurea Sentry to fall slowly. Her hair forms a semicircular parachute to slow her fall, negating any fall damage.[5]
  • Surface Walk – A passive ability that allows Centaurea Sentry to walk on water without sinking. She said it may be possible for one to be enlightened and learn the ability if one can walk on water for 10 steps.[5]


Centaurea Sentry is the founder of Omega Style, which is known as the most powerful, yet most controversial sword style Accelerated World. With this style, her swordsmanship rivals even the Blue King. However, only two of the most basic techniques of the Omega Style are currently known:

  • Extreme – The most basic technique of the Omega Style. By applying a vast amount of force on an infinitely small point, the sword can slide between the coordinates of a surface, effortlessly cutting it. With this technique, Centaurea Sentry can cut through almost anything regardless of the quality of her sword.
  • Gou (Synthesis) – By emptying her mind of all thoughts, Centaurea Sentry can trick the Brain Burst prediction system. Synthesizing into her surroundings, she can disappear from the system’s radar. Thus, she can momentarily vanish, becoming invisible.

There is allegedly another technique known as Setsu (Division), but no information is known about it.


Arita Haruyuki[]

Haruyuki is the person who had revived Seri’s duel avatar, Centaurea Sentry. Furthermore, he is her student, the sole heir of the Omega Style.

Crimson Kingbolt[]

Some time during the early stages of Brain Burst, Crimson Kingbolt had waited at Seri's mansion requesting her help. When he finally stumbled upon her, he explained his motive: he was a giant robot, but he didn't have a giant sword. Feeling that this disqualified him from the ranks of the traditional Japanese giant robots, he wanted Seri to teach him how to wield a sword. Agreeing to the request, Seri taught Crimson Kingbolt how to use Attack type Incarnation. By turning all of his ranged weapons into a single humongous sword, Crimson Kingbolt could now cut through the skyscrapers of the Demonic City stage in a single blow. With his wish successfully fulfilled, the two parted on good terms.

Later on during the White Legion Arc, Seri suggested Crimson Kingbolt as a possible swordsman for the attack on Tezcatlipoca. However, even though he was sufficiently powerful, he lived too far away in Okinawa to participate.

Lavender Downer[]

As both of them are children of Saffron Blossom, Seri sees Lavender Downer as a type of Brain Burst sister. When Seri returned to the Accelerated World, Lavender Downer had momentarily choked up, completely dumbfounded.

Saffron Blossom[]

Saffron Blossom was Seri’s Parent. After she was killed by an Infinite EK set up by White Cosmos, Seri was filled with severe regret at her inability to save her.

Graphite Edge[]

Seri seems to view Graphite Edge, another powerful swordsman, as a great rival. When meeting the other three Elements in the real world, she was slightly disappointed that Graphite Edge wasn’t present.

Blue Knight[]

It is implied that Blue Knight and Seri knew each other well. After all, it was Blue Knight that Seri had allowed to kill her.



  • Suzukawa Seri (鈴川 瀬利, Suzukawa Seri)
  • Centaurea Sentry (セントレア・セントリー, Sentorea Sentorī)
  • Ruthless (剣鬼(ルースレス), Kenki (Rūsuresu))
  • Asura (阿修羅(アスラ), Asura (Asura))
  • Omega Weapon (オメガウェポン, Omega Uepon)
  • Claíomh Solais (クラウ・ソラス, Kurau Sorasu)
  • Feather Fall (フェザー・フォール, Fezā Fōru)
  • Surface Walk (サーフェス・ウォーク, Sāfesu Uōku)
  • Omega Styke (オメガ流合切剣, Omega-ryū Gassaiken)
  • Extreme (極(きょく), Kyoku)
  • Gou (合(ごう), )


  • Seri’s duel avatar, Centaurea Sentry, is named after the cornflower, which has a scientific name of Centaurea cyanus.
  • Her Claíomh Solais is named after the Sword of Light in Irish and Scottish Gaelic folklore.
  • Seri’s nickname “Omega Weapon” is possibly a reference to Final Fantasy, in which the Omega Weapon appears in the form of a random monster, and a meeting with which would lead to death.


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