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Sun God Inti is a Legend Class Enemy based on the sun god of Incan mythology.


The “Sun God Inti” is a Legend Class Enemy. Based the Incan sun god of the same name, he takes the form of a huge fireball as he appears to aimlessly rolls around the Unlimited Neutral Field. Since his flames are created by the same fusion reaction used by the sun, water does not affect him; in fact, the decomposed hydrogen created by the denatured water will only strengthen him.

Once Inti is defeated, the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca emerges from within, beginning the apocalypse of the Accelerated World.


The Sun God Inti takes on the appearance of a huge fireball, resembling a miniature sun. However, in the middle of his untouchable armor of flame, there exists an extremely hard core – the only part of him that can be damaged.

Plot Outline[]

Archangel of Savage Light[]

Akira speaks of an incident when she and Graphite Edge had encountered the Sun God Inti in the Unlimited Neutral Field. Attempting to subdue the Legend Class Enemy, Graphite Edge had led him to the Akasaka imperial garden, where he coaxed Inti to fall into a pond. Coming in contact with the large volume of water, the Sun God’s flames momentarily weakened, exposing his core for just an instant. Seeing this, Graphite Edge rushed forward with his dual blades, only to be incinerated by the rebounding flames just a second later. With their assassination attempt failed, the two could only watch as Inti casually rolled away.

Sun God of Absolute Flame[]

During the meeting of the seven Kings, Wolfram Cerberus appears after Ivory Tower is exposed, using Paradigm Breakdown to transition the stage and the players into the Unlimited Neutral Field. Upon escaping a massive Incarnate attack launched by Argon Array, Silver Crow notices that the sky is abnormally bright, due to the Sun God hiding in the sky.

After the seven Kings and their executives were trapped by Black Vise in his Icosahedral Insulation, the Acceleration Research Society dropped the Sun God Inti, tamed by The Luminary, onto the trapped Kings. With the combined force of the Kings and their deputies, Scarlet Rain managed to escape with the legion executives using her Incarnate. With Inti held stationary above their death markers, the Kings were helplessly sent into Infinite EK.

The Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[]

In order to rescue the Kings from their Infinite EK, the Legions work together to defeat Inti. After planning and executing a massive operation using Lime Bell's Citron Call to negate Inti's damage, Silver Crow successfully cut through Inti’s core, killing him. However, shortly afterwards, the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca was summoned through the flames of Inti’s death.


With his flames that are fueled by nuclear fusion reactions, Inti burns whoever he touches. As such, no Burst Linker has ever managed to get close enough to inflict any damage. In fact, he has never been defeated before in the history of the Accelerated World.

However, to compensate for this extreme defense, Inti possesses no offensive abilities.


  • Inti is based off of the Incan sun god of the same name
  • Inti has never been defeated prior to Volume 24