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Shadow Cloaker (シャドウ・クローカ, Shadou Kurōka) is a member of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, and is Ivory Tower's protégé.


Shadow Cloaker is a very quiet person, speaking meaningful sentences in his cold, raspy voice only rarely, but he often makes sounds while attacking or defending against an attack. He is also very focused on his mission.

Plot Outline[]

The Snow Sprite[]

Shadow Cloaker was part of Oscillatory Universe's Minato 3 defence team. He tried to kill Silver Crow and Lime Bell, who have escaped the trap set by Snow Fairy, Ivory Tower, and Glacier Behemoth. He nearly succeeded before Trilead Tetroxide intervened, and killed him with the help of Silver Crow.


Shadow Cloaker[]

Shadow Cloaker is a very dark blue, so dark that he is almost black. He wears a mask that only shows his dark blue lenses, and has thin armor over most of his body. The rest, like his necck and upper arms, are covered in a bodysuit made of wire. He also has a headband, under which is a metal piece that protects his forehead.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed bo-shuriken – These Enhanced Armaments are hexagonal spikes that he throws with great accuracy.
  • Unnamed ninjatō – This Enhanced Armament takes the form of a short dagger that is only bladed on one side.
  • Unnamed kunai – This Enhanced Armament is tied to a string, tethering it to Shadow Cloaker.[1]


  • Shadow Lurker – An ability that gives Shadow Cloaker the power to treat shadows as portals, sinking into and appearing out of shadows as if they are the surface of a lake. He can also bring other duel avatars into his shadows, by stabbing the avatar with a kunai.[1] He shares this ability with Ivory Tower.


  • Shadow Tying – An Incarnate skill that allows Shadow Cloaker to almost completely immobilize a target by throwing one of his bo-shuriken at their shadow. The shuriken glows a faint gray while it is active. This can be deactivated by dislodging the shuriken.


  • Shadow Cloaker (シャドウ・クローカ, Shadou Kurōka)
  • Shadow Lurker (潜影(シャドウ・ラーカー), Senkage (Shadou Rākā))
  • Shadow Tying (縛影(シャドウ・タイアー), Bakukage (Shadou Taiā))


  • Shadow Cloaker seems to have a high tolerance for pain, as he was able to continue attempting to kill Trilead Tetroxide even after being stabbed through the chest.
  • Shadow Cloaker seems to be able to run as fast as Silver Crow when Crow is flying with Lime Bell.


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