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Seiryu (青竜, Seiryū) is one of the Four Gods, and guards the East Gate of the Imperial Palace.


Seiryu was and Enemy created to guard the East Gate of the Imperial Palace.

When the first Nega Nebulus attacked, Seiryu defeated the team attacking the East Gate within two minutes, and trapped Aqua Current in its domain. It also returned her to level 1.


Seiryu has four horns on its head and countless teeth. It has four clawed limbs, a whip-like tail, four pairs of wings, as well as a mane of golden bristles all the way down its back. Diamond-shaped scales, colored a deep azure, cover the rest of its body.


  • Water Breath – This ability allows Seiryu to shoot a wide, high-pressure jet of water from its mouth. It is powerful enough to cut through a green Duel Avatar in seconds. The water jet is as wide as Scarlet Rain's Dreadnought.
  • Thunder Blast – This ability causes purple lightning to strike from above, and causes paralysis to a duel avatar if it hits. However, it can be conducted away with appropriate tools.
  • Unnamed ice wave attack – This ability causes haloes to spread out from around Seirye's eyes, freezing everything it passes over. The ice covers a duel avatar and is strong enough to immobilize them.
  • Level Drain – This signature ability allows Seiryu to level down a duel avatar. Seiryu first forms a black ball of viscous oscillating liquid in its claw, with purple lighting crackling across its surface, then launches it out. The ball starts slow, but then accelerates quickly in straight lines once locked onto a target. It has no upper bound to its speed, but has to decelerate before turning. When a duel avatar is hit, it is engulfed by the liquid. The lightning then starts pulsating, and the Burst Linker's Burst Points will be drained until they reach 0. Once all of the Burst Linker's BP is drained, the duel avatar is stunned, and their level will decrease by 1, after which the ball disappears. The BP spent in the level-up will not be refunded, and would remain at 0, causing them to be stunned and de-levelled as soon as they are hit by a second Level Drain. The only effective ways to break the ball is likely by freezing it then hitting it hard enough to shatter it, as the liquid making up the ball does not boil easily. Lasers and bullets will simply penetrate the ball, and melee attacks would endanger the duel avatar. Seiryu can fire multiple such balls at the same time.

Seiryu's attacks can be escaped once a duel avatar leaves its area defined by the eastern bridge.


  • Seiryu rarely uses physical attacks.
  • Seiryu needs to rest after using an attack.
  • After being leveled down by Level Drain, a Burst Linker can select a different level-up bonus than their original bonus once they level back up.