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Sand Duct (サンド・ダクト, Sando Dakuto) is a Burst Linker who fought against Haruyuki and Akira along with his partner, Nickel Doll. His real world identity is currently unknown.


Sand Duct has shown to be calm during matches and is able to work well and execute joint attacks in tandem with Nickel Doll. He follows his partner's cues efficiently and fully understands the concepts of teamwork.


Currently Unknown


Currently Unknown

Plot Outline[]

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story)[]

Sand Duct reveals himself along with Nickel Doll after being challenged by Silver Crow and Aqua Current. Sand Duct decides to start the fight and uses his Sand Blaster ability. However, it is neutralized by Aqua Current as her body is composed of pure water and counterattacks stating that she will be Sand Duct's opponent. Silver Crow attacks Nickel Doll with a dive attack throwing up smoke and rain.

However, as the smoke and rain cleared, it is revealed that Sand Duct had saved his partner, Nickel Doll. He goes on to state that this battle is already over and explains on the importance of teamwork, to which Crow was able to explain his side of teamwork. Doll however, becomes angered as she states he is trying to sound cool and tells Sand Duct that they will now finish both Crow and Current with their Ultra Gorgeous finishing move which is a joint attack between the two of them. Sand Duct uses his ability, Turbo Molecular to create a vacuum aroung Silver Crow drawing him closer into a close-combat situation. Nickel is then able to create electricity and injure Silver Crow because of Duct's vacuum. Before Nickel and Sand could finish off Crow, Aqua Current interupts their attack and insulates Nickel's electricity. Surprised by Aqua Current's ability to insulate, Sand Duct and Nickel Doll are both taken out by Silver Crow's Dive Attack.


Sand Duct[]

Sand Duct resembles a large golem. His whole body is sand brown. His head is seen small over his muscular body with a yellow visor. His two main features are his arms which are are both shaped as large cannons. He has four cube fingers, three together appear like the suction vents with the thumbs are normal. On his back are two jet thrusters.


Sand Duct's ability.

Sand Duct has the ability to release air out of his right arm which also grants him the power to blow sand out of that arm while the left arm is able to suck in air. When he uses both of his arms, one to blow out the air and the other to suck it back in, it allows him to create a vacuum due to the air's molecules being blown out[1]. This vacuum he creates slowly pulls the opponent towards him causing a close combat situation. However, this also allows Nickel Doll to attack the opponent in a joint attack with Sand Duct. Sand Duct has been shown with the ability to hover and he is very durable as he was able to withstand attacks from both Silver Crow and Aqua Current while still being able to attack them.

Special Moves:

  • Sand Blast: Releases out of his right hand a jet current of a sandstorm to blast targets away.
  • Turbo Molecular: By having the back jet turbine thrusters in ignition, Sand Duct raises his arms before connecting them together which releases a light blue glow air wave. At first opponents brace against it, but the right hand blows air & the left hand sucks air. Then when he aims it at the target, the turbines in the arms blow away the molecules in the air, creating a vacuum. The wind it's self is very damaging & to pull on in for melee combat. Noted: When used with Nickel Doll's Anode Cathode, it becomes a Combo Move of two Duel Avatars.




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