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Saffron Blossom (サフラン・ブロッサム, Safuran Burossam) was one the Originators, the first 100 Burst Linkers. Her partner was Chrome Falcon.


She was cool-headed and kind. She would often scold Falcon on his reckless antics.


As one of the Originators, she was present from the very beginning of Brain Burst. She was in a relationship with a fellow Originator, Chrome Falcon. She had a terminal disease and thus used Brain Burst as way to experience life as much as possible before she dies in real life.

Using his ability, Flash Blink, and a Imperial Palace stage exploit, Chrome Falcon managed to get one of the Seven Arcs, the Destiny. He gave it to Saffron Blossom as a gift to help her in her goal to create a Legion that would provide free points to those in need. The legions purpose was to ensure that everyone can still accelerate forever. After they barely defeat one of the emerging Pure Colored Kings, they announced this goal to everyone. However, they did not agree due to the fact she had The Destiny and feared they would rule the Accelerated World with an iron fist. As a result, they asked Black Vise for his assisstance. He, along with 30 other Burst Linkers, trapped them in the lair of a Legendary Enemy called Jormungand. Saffron Blossom was crucified right next to Jormungand and went into Endless Kill Mode while Chrome Falcon was trapped by Black Vise's Static Pressure. Due to The Destiny's defensive properties, he had to use it against Jormungand's acid attack due to the fact that Saffron Blossom was a non-metal avatar. To speed up the process, he had a healer to resurrect her immediately. It was confirmed that the healer was White Cosmos, the Transient Eternity. Another member of the Accelerated Research was also present. Her name was Argon Array, the Quad-Eyed Analyst. The 30 Burst Linkers that were present just watched. Chrome Falcon managed to free himself and went to Blossom's side. Blossom used her Petal Shelter to shield them from Jormungand. She had only 7 points left and asked Falcon to kill her as an act of mercy. He did so reluctantly and as Blossom died, she told him to continue living even though she is gone. Falcon got «The Destiny» and used it to one hit kill Jormungand. After its death, he obtained a high ranking sword called «Star Caster». However, he went mad from grief. He used the Incarnate System to fuse both weapons into the Disaster. He tried to kill Black Vise and his group first but they managed to escape. He then turned on the 30 Burst Linkers and killed them again and again. One of the Linkers escaped and told the Pure Colored Kings. The Kings, along with other Burst Linkers managed to defeat Falcon, however the Disaster lives on.


Saffron Blossom[]

Saffron Blossom is a yellow-orange Duel Avatar resembling a nurse, with sky-blue eyes. Not many other avatars are as versatile as her, even among the yellow types.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • The Destiny – One of the Seven Arcs. While she possessed it, its mirror-like armor covered her forehead, her chest, and her limbs.
  • Unnamed wand – She shoots seeds with various effects out of this wand.


  • Petal Shelter – Saffron Blossom's level 5 special move. Giant green petals form from under her, growing and enclosing her and other avatars in a bud. It protects against anything outside the bud for 30 seconds.
  • Unnamed seed ability – The seeds fired from the wand will embed themselves in a duel avatar and bloom after a set time, giving some effect. Known effects include dealing damage, consuming SP, obstructing movement, applying buffs, and removing debuffs.


  • In real life, she suffers mitochondrial dysfunction, which is unrecoverable even with the technology at the time. Due to this disease, doctors predict that she won't reach adulthood.
  • She and Chrome Falcon have beaten one of the Kings with the Destiny.


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