Rust Jigsaw (ラスト・ジグソー, Rasuto Jigusō) is a mysterious Burst Linker who is a member of the Acceleration Research Society.

Personality Edit

While not seen at first, his personality is slowly revealed during the Hermes Cord Race event. Where he shows much hatred towards the world, having little care for what others see of Brain Burst as some fighting game. He's shown to be completely derange, doesn't care what happens to the unfortunate, as just like his form Duel Avatar...he'll rust away everything around him without a care in the world.

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Currently Unknown

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He appears as a thin, young man with brown hair. Wears blue pants, a dark & gray coat, & black baseball hat.

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Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc Edit

Rust Jigsaw appeared when Silver Crow and Blood Leopard signed up for a tag match. Rust attempted to quickly dispatch the two with the use of his various saws, but thanks to Blood Leopard, he was defeated. Due to Blood Leopards final attack on his avatar, he had a lingering pain in his right shoulder/neck region. Haru tried to follow Rust in the real world, but was cut off. Much later, Rust's actions when trying to get out of the match cafe would help Haru figure out how Seiji Noumi was keeping his name from the matching list.

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Rust Jigsaw Edit

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Rust Jigsaw's abilities primarially revolve around saws. His primary method of attack is firing a circular saw at his opponents from long range. He also has an ability which allows him place razor tripwires around a certain area, allowing him to quickly dispatch close range foes.

He also has an Incarnate System ability, which he can forcibly boost using his BIC to greatly increase its range. He can corrode any avatar within range of his ability, which is used taking advantage of the fact that during the Hermes Cord race the Gallery has HP gauges, albeit locked, to damage them to cause chaos.

Special Moves:

  • Steel Saw: A move that sets jigsaws in the air. Blocks one's advance for if they don't see the angle of the setup, it will slice apart a Duel Avatar to lose a limb or more. Using this setup, Rust Jigsaw uses his long-distance circular saw attacks from a safe distance while his targets can't approach him carelessly.
  • Wheel Saw: Tosses off a circular jigsaw blade to attack & slice any target in sight. The only different is that while fast, bullets fired are faster.
  • Rust Order: The 1st Incarnate System ability of Rust Jigsaw. Creates a large area of effect attack which corrodes everything within it. This skill reflects the mental state of the owner.
  • Rust Touch: A 2nd Incarnate System ability of Rust Jigsaw. Holding an hand out, fires an aura out to attach onto a specific target & corrodes those whom are touched.

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