Rui Odagiri (小田切 累, Odagiri Rui) is a female Burst Linker and a member of Nega Nebulus. Her Duel Avatar is Magenta Scissor. She was previously allied with the Acceleration Research Society in spreading the ISS Kit.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has long hair and is initially seen wearing a sailor uniform.

Background[edit | edit source]

Rui Odagiri was born with Gertsmann syndrome, having symptoms of finger agnosia and left-right disorientation [1]. Because of this disorder, she had difficulty distinguishing between her fingers and the left-right counterparts of her arms and legs. Thus, she developed a hatred of items that functioned as “pairs”, such as chopsticks, scissors, and shoes. This hatred later became the basis for her Duel Avatar, which was characterized by a large pair of scissor-type enhanced armaments.

After a period of time, a new Burst Linker by the name of Avocado Avoider joined the small hospital community. Because of Avocado’s appearance, he was picked on by the other members of the hospital community. Disgusted by this behavior, Rui wished to stop them. However, the other members of the hospital community were all a much higher level than her. Thus, faced by her own powerlessness in the situation, she could only watch as Avocado was driven to near total-point-loss [2]. This gave rise to her belief that, just like in the real world, the Duel Avatars given inherent advantages would exploit and abuse those without such blessings.

Thus, when given the chance to use the ISS Kit, Rui allowed herself to be parasitized and used its power to drive all of the Burst Linkers who had abused Avocado to total-point-loss. Then, together with Avocado Avoider, she set off on a mission to spread the ISS Kit throughout the Accelerated World. She believed that the ISS Kit would settle the power balance between Burst Linkers, thus protecting the Burst Linkers without special powers from being exploited. Her first known victim was Bush Utan from the Green Legion, Great Wall, while her latest victim was Ash Roller, also from Great Wall.

However, after being defeated by the members of Nega Nebulus, who surpassed the power of the ISS Kit through their own inner strength, Rui began to see the error of her ways. She realized that the ISS Kit, while having the potential to possibility equalize the power disparity between Burst Linkers, did much more harm than good. Now as a member of Nega Nebulus together with Avocado Avoider, she pledges secretly to protect the members of Petit Pacquette, who she had formerly wronged.

Avatar[edit | edit source]

Her appearance is that of a tall woman wrapped in bandages. They covered everything except for the mouth. In each of her hands, she held one half of a large pair of scissors.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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