This page lists all official Accel World releases in table format, chronologically. It does not include individual manga chapters, but does include tankobon volumes.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Date Type Release
2009/02/10 Novel Accel World 01: The Return of Princess Snow Black
2009/06/10 Novel Accel World 02: The Crimson Storm Princess
2009/10/10 Novel Accel World 03: The Robber at Dusk
2010/02/10 Novel Accel World 04: Flight Towards the Blue Sky
2010/06/10 Novel Accel World 05: The Bridge Hanging in Starlight
2010/10/10 Novel Accel World 06: The Shrine Maiden of Purifying Flames
2011/02/10 Novel Accel World 07: The Calamity Armor
2011/06/10 Novel Accel World 08: Binary Stars of Destiny
2011/07/27 Manga Accel World Volume 1
Manga Accel World Volume 2
Manga Acchel World. Volume 1
2011/10/10 Novel Accel World 09: Seven Thousand Year Prayer
2011/12/10 Novel Accel World 10: Elements
2012/03/18 Radio Accel World: Accelerating Radio begins
2012/04 Anime Anime starts
2012/04/06 Drama CD Accel World + Sword Art Online Drama CD
2012/04/10 Novel Accel World 11: The Carbide Wolf
2012/07/25 Anime Accel World Volume 1
Music Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. Hiroyuki Ooshima
2012/08/10 Novel Accel World 12: The Red Emblem
2012/08/27 Manga Accel World Volume 3
Manga Acchel World. Volume 2
Manga Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden Volume 1
2012/08/29 Anime Accel World Volume 2
Music Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. onoken
2012/09 Anime Anime ends
2012/09/13 Game Accel World: Awakening of Silver Wings
2012/09/26 Anime Accel World Volume 3
Music Accel World Original Soundtrack feat. mintjam
2012/10/24 Anime Accel World Volume 4
2012/11/28 Anime Accel World Volume 5
2012/12/26 Anime Accel World Volume 6
2013/01/30 Anime Accel World Volume 7
2013/01/31 Game Accel World: Pinnacle of Acceleration
2013/02/10 Novel Accel World 13: The Waterside Beacon
2013/02/27 Manga Accel World Volume 4
Anime Accel World Volume 8
2013/04/01 Radio Accel World: Accelerating Radio ends
2013/04/27 Manga Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden Volume 2
2013/06/10 Novel Accel World 14: The Archangel of Tempestuous Light
2013/10/10 Novel Accel World 15: The Beginning and the End
2013/10/27 Manga Acchel World. Volume 3
2014/01/27 Manga Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden Volume 3
2014/02/10 Novel Accel World 16: The Slumber of Princess Snow White
2014/02/27 Manga Accel World Volume 5
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