Red Rider (レッド· ライダー, Reddo Raidā) was the first Red King and the previous leader of the Red Legion, Prominence.

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Red Rider was passionate enough to express his dislike towards war and to fight amongst one another to attain level ten and was open-minded to other people's opinions. He is friendly and willing to trust people as seen during the Kings of Pure Color meeting, where he received a hug from Black Lotus as a sign of respect. However, this would be his undoing as Black Lotus took the chance and used Death By Embracing, decapacitating him.

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Rider along with the Kings of Pure Color attained level nine and decided to create a treaty that separates their territories and disallowed fighting amongst each other to obtain level ten. To further enhance it, he intended to make an offering of powerful guns to each Legion's King.

Black Lotus killed red Rider due to the White King's interference, who got her hands on one of Red Rider's offering guns and demonstrated their power to Black Lotus, who thus proceeded to destroy Red Rider. However, when one of those guns were transferred to her inventory, she found out that the trigger was permanently locked. In other words, Red Rider's guns were simply an offering of peace.

It is revealed that his dual gun emblem is emblazoned on the sealed item form of the ISS Kit. Currently, it is unknown what kind of connection Red Rider had with the Acceleration Research Society.

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Crimson Storm Princess Arc Edit

Red Rider appears in Opening 1 featuring Chase the World, in the scene where Kuroyukihime is shown chained up.

He also makes an appearance in a flashback that Yellow Radio had previously recorded to incapacitate Black Lotus when he showed it to her. It is revealed during this flashback that the Kings of Pure Color were having a meeting. Red Rider was expressing his opinion against fighting amongst each other and stated that he had respect with one another. Black Lotus replied that she too had respect for him and decided to hug him as a sign of respect. However, the Purple King, Purple Thorn stated that was too much as a sign of jealousy. However, Red Rider responded by indicating that it's Black Lotus' way of shaking hands since she doesn't have any. Black Lotus took advantage of his kindness and used her ability, Death By Embracing to kill him.

Red Emblem Edit

Black Lotus, Sky Raker, Ardor Maiden and Silver Crow discovered that Red Rider's emblem, the symbol of his creation, appeared in the ISS Kit. This led Nega Nebulus to believe that somehow Red Rider was involved with the Acceleration Research Society.

Beginning and End Edit

Red Rider reappeared in front of Black Lotus, Sky Raker, Ardor Maiden and Aqua Current as a part of the ISS Kit core. At first, they thought Red Rider was an illusion. Red Rider told them he's a fake. Essentially, he's a Fluctlight of the original Burst Linker. He managed to talk to them briefly before being consumed by the negative thoughts of the ISS Kit. After an intense battle, Red Rider was defeated and regained his sanity. He told them someone from the Six Kings of Pure Color was responsible for this. He told them he said to destroy the ISS Kits infecting the players as soon as they destroy the core. He said his farewell to them before returning to the core.

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Red Rider Edit

Red Rider takes a humanoid appearance with his entire body colored red. He wears a cowboy-like hat and has a ring attached at his hip.

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Red Rider ability is called Arms Creation. This ability allows him to craft all sorts of guns he could imagine and freely put a lock on them. The lock itself is a dual gun emblem. This also allows him to destroy his creations at will.

His two original Enhanced Armaments are called Helios and Eos. Two revolvers with six shots each.

Another skill at his disposal is called Auto Reload. This ability reloads his guns in two seconds. This makes getting close to him difficult for close range combat.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied during the flashback, that Red Rider was romantically involved with the Purple King, Purple Thorn.
    • This is supported by the fact that Black Lotus explains to Silver Crow when revealing her identity as the Black King that his (Red Rider's) girlfriend, the Purple King, was too distraught by her (Black Lotus') action to do anything during the battle that occurred immediately after the betrayal.

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