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Prominence (プロミネンス, Purominensu), also known as the Red Legion, was a Legion founded by the first Red King, Red Rider, and formerly led by the second Red King, Scarlet Rain. The entire Legion was recently disbanded, with all active members being absorbed into the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus.


Prominence is one of the seven Legions led by a level nine Burst Linker – one of the pure-colored Kings. It was formerly led by the first Red King, Red Rider. However, after his death by Black Lotus, the second Red King, Scarlet Rain took over Prominence after an extended period of warfare. Prominence was also involved in the elimination of the fifth Chrome Disaster because of one of its members, Cherry Rook, acting as its host body. Scarlet Rain worked with the members of Nega Nebulus to take it down, even prevailing through an ambush set up by Crypt Cosmic Circus.

In Vol. 19, the legion disbanded, and all of the members will be absorbed into Nega Nebulus. It was agreed between the two kings, However, it not yet officially announced.


Among the major Legions, Prominence is the smallest regarding the number of members. This could be due to the "warring states"-style period after Red Rider's death; many Burst Linkers left when Scarlet Rain finally assumed command. However, this also means that the current members are a tight-knit group. Prominence has three high-ranked members, known as the Triplex. Blood Leopard, as the Legion's submaster, is also one of these three.

Prominence encourages the viewpoint of "specialization over versatility" concerning Duel Avatar builds, much like Nega Nebulus.

Prominence's territory extends to all Combat Areas in the Nerima prefecture, as well as the Northern Area in the Nakano prefecture.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Level Status
Unknown Red Rider Former Legion Master / 1st Red King 9 Defeated
Yuniko Kōzuki Scarlet Rain Legion Master / 2nd Red King 9 Active
Mihaya Kakei Blood Leopard Legion Submaster, Triplex 8 Active
Unknown Cassis Moose Triplex ? Active
Unknown Thistle Porcupine Triplex ? Active
Unknown Moss Moth Member ? Active
Unknown Spruce Brevis Member ? Active
Unknown Mustard Salticid Member ? Active
Unknown Cinnamon Palaemon Member ? Active
Unknown Carnelian Alpheus Member ? Active
Unknown Navy Lobster Member ? Active
Unknown Persimmon Monk Member ? Active
Unknown Peach Parasol Member 5 Active
Unknown Cherry Rook Former Member 6 Defeated
Unknown Beet Beat Member ? Active
Unknown Carrot Turret Member ? Active
Unknown Paprika Caprice Member ? Active
Unknown Lavender Downer Member ? Active
Unknown Hypericum Cheerer Member ? Active
Unknown Aconite Archer Member ? Active
Unknown Amber Captor Member ? Active
Unknown Malachite Hex Member ? Active
Unknown Ochre Prison Member 4 Active
Unknown Elinvar Governor Member ? Active
Unknown Kanthal Tank Member ? Active
Unknown Iodine Sterilizer Member ? Active
Unknown Fir Stick Member ? Active
Unknown Straw Barrier Member ? Active
Unknown Brick Block Member ? Active
Unknown Cream Dream Member ? Active
Unknown Freeze Tone Member ? Active
Unknown Blaze Heart Member 5 Active
Unknown Maroon Motor Member ? Active
Unknown Carmine Cannon Member ? Active
Unknown Vermillion Vulcan Member ? Active


Prominence organizes its members into teams of 3:[1]


  • As is the case with the other major Legions, Prominence takes its name from astronomical phenomena. A solar prominence is an enormous – sometimes bigger than Jupiter – cloud of fire that escapes from the sun then loops around back to it. Some have even been recorded to have a radius almost as large as that of the sun itself.
  • In short story 2, there is a 6v6 battle between Prominence and a legion called Helix. Along with Blood Leopard, Mustard Salticid is part of this team. The other four members are referred to as "Rob," "Simon," "Moss," and "Acon", likely referring to Navy Lobster, Persimmon Monk, Moss Moth, and Aconite Archer respectively.