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Platinum Cavalier (プラチナム・キャバリアー, Purachinamu Kyabariā) is a member of the White Legion, Oscillatory Universe, as well as the first of the Seven Dwarfs.


Platinum Cavalier, a member of Oscillatory Universe, is the first chair of the Seven Dwarves. As such, he is a close associate of the White King, White Cosmos, and is deeply knowledgeable in the schemes of the Acceleration Research Society.

Sometime during his time as a Burst Linker, Cavalier tamed a Pegasus Enemy using the Enhanced Armament Mystical Reins. The Pegasus, which he had named Arion, now serves as his main form of transportation.[1]


Platinum Cavalier usually speaks in a calm, formal manner with a rather lazy tone. Like White Cosmos, he emits very little hostility.[2]

Plot Outline[]

White Legion Arc[]

Volume 22: The Sun God of Absolute Flame[]

While the Kings were trapped within Black Vise’s “Icosahedral Insulation” Incarnate ability, Platinum Cavalier appeared in the sky above on his Pegasus. After a brief confrontation with Nega Nebulus’ Silver Crow and Sky Raker, Cavalier used the Luminary’s scepter to control the already tamed Sun God Inti, dropping him on top of the trapped Kings, bringing them into Infinite EK.

Volume 24: The Sword Sage of the Blue Flower[]

Twenty minutes after the Sun God Inti was defeated by Silver Crow using the Omega Style, the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca was summoned through its death. The moment Tezcatlipoca appeared, however, Platinum Cavalier flew in on his Pegasus, carrying White Cosmos with him, who then tamed the Apocalypse God using the Luminary’s crown.

Volume 25: The God of Demise[]

After Silver Crow was taken captive by Cosmos during the fight with Tezcatlipoca, Platinum Cavalier stood guard next to Cosmos while she talked with Crow, expressing hostility towards him. Soon after, however, he left to tend to his Pegasus.


Platinum Cavalier[]

Platinum Cavalier’s duel avatar is described as having armor more silver than that of even Silver Crow and a figure more knightly than that of even Blue Knight. He wears a helmet with long decorative horns and armor with a curvy design. His visible equipment consists of a large shield.[3]

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed shield – This Enhanced Armament is a shield that is stored on his back when not used.
  • The Luminary – This Arc was lent to him by White Cosmos, who retains ownership of the Armament.
  • Mystical Reins – This Enhanced Armament allows him to tame an Enemy of his choice, in this case, a pure white Pegasus.


Cavalier’s abilities are largely unknown. However, we know that he does not have any long-ranged attacks.


  • Femto Style – Platinum Cavalier's style of swordsmanship.[4]



  • Platinum Cavalier (プラチナム・キャバリアー, Purachinamu Kyabariā)
  • Bashful (はにかみ屋(バッシュフル), Hanikamiya(Basshufuru))
  • Basher (破壊者(バッシャー), Hakaisha (Basshā))
  • Femto Style (フェムト流, Femuto Ryū)


  • The root of Platinum Cavalier’s name is “cavalier”, the origins of which lay in the French word “chevalier”, meaning a “horse mounted-soldier”. In contrast, the origins of the word “knight” lay in the Old English word “cniht”, meaning “servant”. As such, Platinum Cavalier, not Blue Knight, is the paragon of what we think of as a “knight”.
  • The namesake of Cavalier’s pegasus “Arion” lies in the legendary horse of the same name, who was the fastest horse in Greek mythology


  1. Volume 23: “Bashful’s Pegasus just does what its Enhanced Armament Mystical Reins tells it to. That’s not his own power.”
  2. Volume 25: “Cosmos and Cavalier emitted neither the hostility nor the informational pressure inherent in high-level Burst Linkers.”
  3. Volume 22 Chapter 5: “. . . its [Cavalier’s] entire body glittered, dazzling bright . . . the color of the reflected light was a silver more clear than even Silver Crow’s . . . Platinum Cavalier’s metal armor was much more knightlike than that of the Blue King . . . Helmet with long decorative horns stretching out and an armor design of mainly curving lines. Large shield on his back, left hip equipped with a slender longsword with a cross-shaped sword guard.” [...] "The cross-shaped protrusion he could see on the hilt and the guard was a little too short to hold in a hand. That wasn't a sword—it was a staff."
  4. Accel World Volume 24 Chapter 8

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