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Petit Paquet (プチパケ, Puchipake) was a small legion in the Accelerated World, unaffiliated with the seven major legions. Until they were absorbed into the Black Legions, Nega Nebulus.


Petit Paquet made its debut Volume 12. Chocolate Puppeteer was the Legion Master, while her friends Plum Flipper and Mint Mitten are members. Plum Flipper and Mint Mitten are her Parent and Child, but it is not made clear which is which.

The legion creation quest typically requires 4 Burst Linkers, but Petit Paquet managed to complete it with 3 because of Chocolat Puppeteer's ability to summon Chocolate Puppets.


Name Duel Avatar Rank Level Status
Shihoko Nago Chocolate Puppeteer Member 5 Active
Yume Yuruki Plum Flipper Member Active
Satomi Mito Mint Mitten Member Active