Oscillatory Universe (オシラトリ・ユニヴァース· Oshiratori Yunivaasu) is a Legion also known as the White Legion. It is led by the White King, White Cosmos. Their territory is located in the Minato area. The central base is located in an all girls' school within the area.

History[edit | edit source]

In Volume 18 it was revealed that the White Legion attempted to take Shibuya from the 1st Generation Nega Nebulous only to fail as the rights to the territory was transferred to Great Wall thus making their invasion invalid.

In Volume 21 it was revealed by Shadow Lurker that the Acceleration Research Society is a part of the Oscillatory Universe with all of the members in the know about this and cooperates with them willingly,however only the members that is a part of the Research Circle had the BIC implanted in their brains while the members that aren't part of the circle don't have them.

In Volume 22 their connection with the Acceleration Research Society came to light in the 4th Kings Summit and they attempted to finish off the other kings by having Wolfram Cerberus(now Wolfram Disaster) transport them to the Unlimited Neutral Field by using Cerberus III's (Dusk Taker's backup was replaced with Orchid Oracle's as Cerberus III) Paradigm Breakdown skill and having The Luminary-enslaved Sun God Inti EK them after Vise seals them.

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Duel Avatar Rank Status
Unknown White Cosmos Legion Master Active
Unknown Platinum Cavalier 1st Seat of the Seven Dwarves (Bashful) Active
Unknown Snow Fairy 2nd Seat of the Seven Dwarves (Sleepy) Active
Tsubomi Koshika Rose Milady 3nd Seat of the Seven Dwarves (Grumpy) Active
Unknown Ivory Tower 4th Seat of the Seven Dwarves
Proxy during the King meetings
Unknown Glacier Behemoth[1] 7th Seat of the Seven Dwarves (Sneezy) Active
Unknown Shadow Cloaker Non-ARS Member Active
Megumi Wakamiya Orchid Oracle Non-ARS Member Active

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was mentioned by Argon Array that the White Legion has allied with/is backed by an unknown group of individuals as when The Disaster MK2 was prematurely born she considers the possibillity that they have foreseen that MK2 would be prematurely born when Cosmos didn't foresee the plan going wrong.[2]
  • According to Rose Milady,the objective of the White Legion is to bring about an end and a beginning.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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