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The Omega Style is a sword style invented by Centaurea Sentry.


The universal Omega Style is called the most powerful, yet the most controversial sword style in the Accelerated World. This is because the basis of its techniques seems to be very similar to Incarnation. However, its inventor, Centaurea Sentry, argues that the Omega Style is not based in Incarnation at all - in fact, many techniques of the Omega Style operate in the exact opposite fashion as Incarnation.

The Omega Style is used by only two people: Centaurea Sentry, its creator, and Silver Crow, Sentry's student.


The Omega Style allegedly contains a multitude of different techniques. However, only two of the most basic techniques of the Omega Style are currently known:

  • Extreme – The most basic technique of the Omega Style. By applying a vast amount of force on an infinitely small point, the sword can slide between the coordinates of a surface, effortlessly cutting through it. With this technique, the user can cut through almost anything regardless of the hardness of the surface or the quality of the sword.
  • Gou (Synthesis) – By emptying their mind of all thoughts, the user can trick the Brain Burst prediction system. Synthesizing into their surroundings, they can disappear from the system’s radar. Thus, users of "Synthesis" can momentarily vanish, becoming invisible.

There is allegedly another technique known as Setsu (Division), but no information is known about it.


  • Before her transformation into the Third Chrome Disaster, Centaurea Sentry had refused to take students. As such, the Omega Style was believed to be lost after her death.
  • After her resurrection, Sentry took Haruyuki as her student, making him the sole successor of the Omega Style.