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Olive Grab (オリーブ・グラブ, Orību Gurabu) is a Burst Linker belonging to Great Wall, and is a part of Ash Roller's trio.


Olive Grab[]

Olive Grab is the color of unripe olives, a dark yellowish-green color. He has an oval mask.[1] His torso and limbs are slender like sticks.[2]

Enhanced Armaments[]


  • Oil Coat[3] – This ability coats Olive Grab's armor with a layer of olive oil.[4] It can be guessed that this improves his ability to slip out of certain grasping attacks, but makes him more vulnerable to fire-based attacks.
  • Lipid Liquid – A Special Move that turns his duel avatar into a pool of olive oil. He retains his mobility in this form, moving like a slime.[5]
  • Sacrificed Nectar – A special move that causes his torso and limbs to swell into olive-shaped objects, which then explode, showering the surrounding area in a golden liquid. This liquid then quickly evaporates and fills up the SP gauge of those nearby. After activating this ability, only his head will be left behind.[2]


  • Olive Grab (オリーブ・グラブ, Orību Gurabu)
  • Oli (オリ, Ori)
  • Oil Coat (油膜装甲(オイル・コート), Yumaku Sōkō (Oiru Kōto))
  • Lipid Liquid (リピッド・リキッド, Ripiddo Rikiddo)
  • Sacrificed Nectar (サクリファイスド・ネクター, Sakurifaisudo Nekutā)


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