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Ochre Prison (オーカー・プリズン, Ōkā Purizun) is a level 5 Burst Linker. He belongs to the Red Legion, Prominence.


Ochre Prison is very loyal to Scarlet Rain, his legion master. When Scarlet Rain was attacked by someone who looked like Black Lotus, he joined Blaze Heart and Peach Parasol in attacking Nega Nebulus Territory.


He is an old Burst Linker, having been part of Prominence back when Red Rider was the legion master.

Plot Outline[]

ISS Kit Arc[]

On Friday, June 28, 2047, the members of Prominence were hunting Enemies in the Unlimited Neutral Field for a long while. However, they were attacked by someone who looked like Black Lotus, though whoever it was, they left a legend-rank Enemy to prey on them. The Enemy was too much for the Legion to handle, so Scarlet Rain ordered a retreat, and was forced into showing her trump card – the Invincible's transformation into its vehicle mode.

The next day, Blaze Heart led Peach Parasol and Ochre Prison in a Territory Battle against Nega Nebulus. The three of them face off against Silver Crow, Ardor Maiden, and Aqua Current in the sewer system of the Sewage Tunnel stage. Their strategy is to imprison the three of them using Ochre Prison's special move while defending with Peach Parasol's parasol, and then have Blaze Heart bombard them with ranged attacks. Unfortunately, the members of Nega Nebulus break free of the prison and ultimately defeat the members of Prominence.

During the battle, they explained what had happened, and despite Nega Nebulus having no idea what they were talking about, were still furious with them.

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

In the Nega Nebulus-Prominence Merger Meeting, Ochre Prison agreed to the merger unconditionally.[1]


Ochre Prison[]

Ochre Prison has large claws on his hands and a round, birdcage-like head.


  • Edged Cage – Presumably a special move, Edged Cage is used to trap opponents. He sinks his claws and hands into the ground, and 30 claws will emerge from the ground enlarged several times, with an approximately-20-centimeter gap between each claw, all converging at one point, creating a cage less than around 2 meters across. The interior of the cage is bladed. This move immobilizes him, rooting him to one place and making him an easy target. This move is deactivated when he removes his hands from the ground.


  • Ochre Prison (オーカー・プリズン, Ōkā Purizun)
  • Edged Cage (エッジド・ケージ, Ejjido Kēji)


  • Ochre Prison is one of the winning entries of the Accel World Duel Avatar Contest. His creator is Yuuno (ユーノ, Yūno).[2]


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