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OVA bundled with the Accel World simulation and action games. The Blu-ray OVA discs came with the PS3 limited edition versions and the DVD with the PSP limited edition versions.

The project was split into two PSP and PS3 titles, and one episode was released with each game:

No. In Series Title Card Title Airdate
EX01 Reverberation 000.png "Reverberation (Zankixyou 残響)" September 13, 2012
Reverberation; Zankyou (bundled with Stage: 01 Ginyoku no Kakusei)
EX02 Vacation 000.png "Vacation (Kixyuuka 休暇)) January 31, 2013
Vacation; Onsen (bundled with Stage: 02 Kasoku no Chouten)