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Nyx is a Super-class Enemy who is the master of the dungeon under Yoyogi Park. She possesses a well-developed Fluctlight and is endowed with self-awareness.


In the early days of Brain Burst, Burst Linkers, seeking the Seven Arcs, attempted to raid Nyx's fortress at the same time as the other Great Dungeons. However, unlike the other Saints, who were Legend-class Enemies, Nyx was a Super-class Enemy with power on par with the Four Gods of the Imperial Palace. As such, the attackers were woefully unprepared as they attempted to conquer her fortress, which was by far the largest of the Great Dungeons. In that catastrophic raid, every last one of the Burst Linkers were trapped in Infinite Enemy Kill by Nyx's devastating Dark Cloud ability, and lost Brain Burst forever.[1]

After that tragedy, it was unanimously agreed that Nyx's dungeon was far too dangerous to be attempted, and the the fortress was sealed. Slowly, the legends of Nyx and her treacherous fortress were forgotten, save for a few ancient Burst Linkers. For the thousands of years that followed, Nyx remained in solitude within her forgotten castle.


Nyx's first form has the appearance of a giant spider-like beast.

Her second/true form has a more humanoid appearance. In this form, Nyx takes on the appearance of a young woman with stark white skin and long, dark hair. Her eyes are emerald green and are large and unblinking. She wears a black dress and a crescent-moon decoration on her head, and has white angel wings on her back.


Nyx is much more calm than the other Saints (notably Metatron) and expresses very little outwards emotion. The echoing tone of her voice, coupled by her wide, unblinking eyes, gives a rather unsettling aura.

Plot Outline[]

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As a Super-class Enemy, Nyx has power on par with that of the Imperial Palace's Four Gods. Although she is sometimes regarded as the Fifth Saint, she is an entire rank of power stronger than them.

Nyx's abilities are as follows:

  • Dark Cloud — Nyx releases a rapidly expanding dark cloud that induces a wide variety of effects simultaneously:
    • Petrification
    • Sleep
    • Blindness
    • Deafness
    • Periodic Damage over Time
    • Leaching of the special-move-gauge
With its myriad of negative status effects, getting caught within the dark cloud would mean certain death.
  • Upgraded Dark Cloud — As an "upgraded" form of her normal Dark Cloud ability, Nyx expands her Dark Cloud to cover the entire Accelerated World. All nodes, or Social Security Cameras, that the cloud touches are rendered dysfunctional, even in the real world. This ability essentially robs all Linkers, regardless of game (AA, BB, CC, Fourth Game), of the power to accelerate. However, the ability is extremely taxing and weakens Nyx greatly during her recovery period, rendering her absolutely defenseless. In fact, the ability has a high chance of killing her.

As the ruler of the Yoyogi Park Dungeon, Nyx has control over all of the Enemies within. She commands the Knox Corps, the "night army" of the dungeon, which is led by Nemesis and Thanatos (Greek goddess of revenge and Greek god of death, respectively).


  • The leaders of Nyx's Knox Corps, Nemesis and Thanatos, are named after the Greek goddess of revenge and Greek god of death, respectively



  1. Return to Eternity: "That is precisely the name of Nyx's special attack, with which she had exterminated all the brave souls, without exception, who had decided to enter her labyrinth."