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Shihoko Nago (奈胡 志帆子, Nago Shihoko) is a female Burst Linker who was the Legion Master of Petit Paquet, which later merged with Nega Nebulus after the ISS Kit incident.


Shihoko has brown hair with two pigtails coming out of the back. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform, which has a Puritan design.

Shihoko describes herself as having a very "average" look.[1]


In the real world, Shihoko is rather shy and indecisive, talking in a polite and serious tone. When asked to make decisions, she usually hesitates, unable to decide the choice that will yield the most benefit. Furthermore, she lacks self-confidence, thinking that her looks and performance are inferior to her friends Satomi Mito and Yume Yuruki.

However, while in the Accelerated World, Shihoko's personality changes drastically. Behaving the polar opposite of how she does in the real world, she acts and talks in a very prim and proper way, using very formal language and sentence structure. Although she knows that this change in personality occurs, she is unable to act in any other way within the Accelerated World.

Shihoko possesses a deep fear of being hated by others. In fact, her duel avatar, "Chocolate Puppeteer", was based off of this fear. The sweet, pleasant chocolate armor is the manifestation of Shihoko's desire to be liked.


Shihoko was originally the Legion Master of the small Legion Petit Paquet with her two friends Mito Satomi (Mint Mitten) and Yuruki Yume (Plum Flipper). However, one day, her two friends were parasitized by ISS Kits at the hands of Magenta Scissor. After the legionnaires of Nega Nebulus helped save her two friends, Shihoko disbanded Petit Paquet and joined Nega Nebulus with her former Legion members.


Network Avatar[]

Shihoko's network avatar is Gretel from the Grimms' fairy tales,[2] presumably the story Hansel and Gretel.

Shihoko later changed to a maid outfit with an apron.[3]

Chocolate Puppeteer[]

Chocolate Puppeteer

Chocolate Puppeteer, as her name suggests, is an avatar covered by chocolate-colored armor, placing her somewhere between yellow and red. Her armor also tastes like chocolate.[4] She has long hair flowing down to the left and right of her bonnet, as well as dress-shaped armor for her lower body. Her eyes glow the color of strawberry cream, according to her.[5] However, even though the avatar looks and tastes like chocolate, the armor itself is not actually chocolate. As such, it does not melt or break easily. Chocolate Puppeteer's potential is largely based on her ability to create chocolate puppets.

Her Parent is Mint Mitten, and her Child is Plum Flipper.


  • Cocoa Fountain – A Special Move that creates a large puddle of chocolate proportional to the amount of her special-attack gauge she chooses to use, adjusted by the number of fingers she holds up. Glowing pink motes spray from her fingers that cause a cracking sound when they land, and milk chocolate gushes out of the ground. She creates the largest pool by holding up all 10 fingers. This uses up her entire Special Attack Gauge to create a pool 30 meters in diameter.[4] It exists for a limited time, after which it disappears.[6] This "set-up" ability is the foundation for her other abilities.
  • Puppet Make – A special move that allows Chocolate Puppeteer to summon chocolate puppets from the puddle created by Cocoa Fountain. The number of puppets she creates is determined by the number of fingers she holds up.[4] Raising all 10 fingers, she can summon 10 Chocopets, using up her entire SP gauge.[7]
    • Chocopet – Chocolate puppets created by Puppet Make. They take the form of featureless chocolate-colored humanoids, apart from a flower pattern on their heads. They are very soft, and are easily damaged by piercing, slicing, or hitting attacks. However, when damaged, the damaged parts can melt and reform, making them very resilient towards such attacks.[5] They exist for a limited time, after which they disappear.[4]
  • Judgement Blow (formerly) – As the Legion Master of Petit Paquet, she had the ability to uninstall Brain Burst from her legion's members. This has been lost since Petit Paquet's assimilation into Nega Nebulus.



  • Chocolate Puppeteer was a winning submission in an Accel World Avatar Design contest, made by Kiya Nagomi. Other avatars that made it into the series include Wolfram Cerberus, Blaze Heart, and Peach Parasol, and more.[8]
  • Chocolate Puppeteer insists on pronouncing her name as "Chocolat Puppeter".


  1. 1.0 1.1 In the original Japanese, her nicknames are "Shoko" and "Choko", which would be the French and English ways of pronouncing "Choco" respectively. The Yen Press translation uses "Choco" and "Cocoa" for the first and second nicknames respectively.


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