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Mustard Salticid (マスタード・サリテイシド, Masutādo Saruteishido) is a Burst Linker who belongs to Prominence.


Mustard Salticid is usually laid-back, but is very dependable when necessary. However, she is also somewhat impatient, as can be seen by her wanting to attack Helix in Prominence's Territory Battle with them before they are even found.

Plot Outline[]

Prominence Trajectory[]

In a Territory Battle with the medium-sized legion Helix, Mustard Salticid was in charge of scouting out opponent positions, and was partnered with Blood Leopard until they discovered Beryllium Coil's decision to ambush the other four combatants.

The Rivalry of Black and White[]

In the Nega Nebulus-Prominence Merger Meeting, Mustard Salticid was the first outside of Scarlet Rain and the Triplex to express her unconditional agreement to the merger.[1]


Mustard Salticid[]

Mustard Salticid is the color of mustard, a flat, light yellow. True to her name, she can jump quite high. She has eight eyes arranged around her head, with her backmost eyes on the back of her head, granting her omnidirectional vision. Because of that, and her ability to see far, she is one of the three best scouts in Prominence.


  • Dragline – An ability that allows her to shoot lines of spider silk from her hands, which she can sever. They are strong enough to hold both her and Blood Leopard at the same time. However, she cannot shoot draglines consecutively.


  • Mustard Salticid (マスタード・サリテイシド, Masutādo Saruteishido)
  • Cid (シド, Shido)
  • Dragline (ドラッグライン, Doraggurain)


  • A salticid is a member of the family Salticidae, better known as jumping spiders.
  • While she is part of Prominence's Team Insect, jumping spiders are not insects.


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