Metatron (メタトロン, Metatoron) is a God Class Enemy with self-awareness. The Acceleration Research Society controlled her via the «The Luminary» and had her guard their headquarters, until Hariyuki set her free. She is currently partnered with him and forced to reside in his Duel Avatar until she can respawn her body.

Personality Edit

Her personality is that of a high-class lady switching between dominating and kind.

Background Edit

She was once the guardian of The Luminary, one of the Seven Arcs located on the Contrary Cathedral in the Unlimited Field. After White Cosmos obtained it, she lured Metatron away and used its ability to control her. She became a guard for the Acceleration Research Society's main headquarters.[1] She is now partnered with Silver Crow to find out her purpose by investigating the Imperial Palace.[2]

Appearance Edit

Metatron has main two forms. The first is a large monster with a pointed head with a halo, numerous wings, and a long, enormous tail. Her second form is a humanoid angel, complete with a halo and wings. After merging with Haruyuki's Duel Avatar, she began assuming a form resembling a fairy to communicate with him and others.

Plot Outline Edit

The Beginning and the End Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Trisagion – a very powerful laser that can penetrate Green Grandee's high invulnerable defenses and wide range.

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Triva Edit

  • Her name is based on the angel of same name.

References Edit

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