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Metatron (メタトロン, Metatoron) is a Legend-class Enemy who guards over the Luminary in the Contrary Cathedral. As one of the Four Saints, she possesses a well-developed Fluctlight and is endowed with self-awareness. She is currently partnered with Silver Crow and is an honorary member of Nega Nebulus.


Befitting her name of "Archangel", Metatron has a very proper way of speaking and behaving. With the persona of a high-class lady, she declares Haruyuki as "insolent" when he tries to touch her. In her icon form, Metatron frequently whaps him with her miniature wings as a form of banter.

However, underneath her shell, Metatron is very kind. During the ISS Kit Arc, she voluntarily tried to sacrifice herself to protect the legionnaires of Nega Nebulus and Prominence from the Disaster Mark II. Furthermore, during the joint-operation to rescue Silver Crow from the Apocalypse God Tezcatlipoca, Metatron volunteered to be a carrier, an attacker, and the escape route all at once.


She was once the guardian of the Luminary, one of the Seven Arcs located in the Contrary Cathedral in the Unlimited Field. After White Cosmos obtained it, she lured Metatron away and used its ability to control her. She became a guard for the Acceleration Research Society's main headquarters.[1] After being released from the Luminary by Silver Crow, she is now partnered with him to find out her purpose by investigating the Imperial Palace.[2]

Contrary Cathedral[]

The Contrary Cathedral is located below Shiba Park. It is a giant maze with tiles that can flip the stage within from Heaven to Hell, or vice versa. Its boss room contains one such tile.


Metatron has two forms.

First Form[]

Metatron's First Form consists of a large spherical head 7 to 8 meters across, with curved radial grooves leading towards the center, where the Trisagion is emitted. Attached to the head is a long, serpentine body made of rings, with 10 tube-like legs on the underside. Above the body are 2 pairs of wings, each with 12 feathers looking like differently-shaped tapestries. Her body is matte white, as if made of ceramic. It gives large amounts of BP when defeated.[3]

Second Form[]

Her second form is a female humanoid angel in elegant armor and clothing. Everything, from her skin to her clothes to her wings, are a pure snow-like flat white, apart from her eyes, which are golden. She has 4 wings, and radiates an otherworldly beauty.[4] After the fight against the Disaster Mark II, her second or true form is injured enough that it has to hibernate to recover. To communicate with Silver Crow and others, she began assuming a form resembling a fairy.

Plot Outline[]

The Beginning and the End[]


  • Trisagion – Metatron's signature move, and the reason she was used to guard Tokyo Midtown Tower. In her first form, it is an extremely powerful laser that can fire constantly as long as her wings can absorb solar energy. Even Green Grandé can only withstand 5 seconds of the attack.[3] This special move becomes even more devastating in her true form. When she activates the ability, a pillar of light spears down from the heavens, killing everything within seconds and heating the ground until it is red-hot.[5]
  • Ektenia – In her first form, Metatron has 12 tapestry-like feathers on each of her 4 wings for a total of 48 feathers. They glow blue, then fire towards their targets at an extremely high speed. Each feather is a meter wide and paper-thin, cutting through armor very easily. After the attack, the feathers return to her wings.[4] When used by Silver Crow, the attack launches one of his wings at a controllable trajectory at a very high speed. This attack is very versatile, as it is possible to launch another wing directly after launching it once. It is also very powerful, shattering the Luminary's crowns in one hit.
  • Unnamed bullet attack – In her first form, many tiny holes can open up on her head, and fire out drill bullets. The white shell-like bullets drill into a target's armor. It cannot reach underneath her head, however.[4]
  • Unnamed lightning attack – In her first form, the rings making up her torso can start spinning and generating purple electricity within. The electricity will then be emitted in a horizontal area around her.[4]
  • Dominion – Being a Legend-class enemy, Metatron has some control over other enemies in the accelerated world. Inside her dungeon she can give orders to any enemy, outside of her dungeon she can only control a wild-class or below, and in another's dungeon she has no control.
  • Invisibility – Metatron is invisible in her regular state.[6]
  • Invulnerability – Metatron cannot be damaged with attacks of any attribute in stages other than Hell.[6] The attacks will simply pass through her.[3]
  • Highest Level – Metatron can freely navigate the Highest Level.
  • Third Stage Incarnation – As a Saint who has free access to the Highest Level, Metatron wields Third Stage Incarnation.


  • Her name is based on the angel with the same name.
  • Her Trisagion is named after the Trisagion, a Christian prayer.
  • Her Ectenia is named after an ectenia, better known as a litany.
  • She has unofficially joined Nega Nebulas, but it is not a universally known fact.
  • Chiyuri likes to call Metatron "Metacchi".
  • Metatron is the most active of the Four Saints


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