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The Mental-Scar Shell Theory is an explanation of how metal-colored Duel Avatars are created.


Within the first 11 months of Brain Burst's existence, Argon Array had coined the term "mental-scar shell", and considers the theory basically confirmed.[1] It is fairly explanatory, which led to its acceptance by many Burst Linkers when it was proposed.

However, soon after its proposal, rumors of the artificial creation of metal avatars started spreading. Magnesium Drake, who appeared not long after the rumors and became the second Chrome Disaster, is suspected to be an artificial metal avatar. After his removal, the phrase "mental-scar shell" became taboo among Burst Linkers.

Wolfram Cerberus is also suspected of being an artificial metal color.


The traumas of Burst Linkers are used, whether directly or indirectly, to form their Duel Avatars when they install Brain Burst. For example, Cyan Pile was formed from Mayuzumi Takumu's fear of thrusting attacks in kendo, giving the avatar its Pile Driver. Less obvious is Sky Raker, whose Gale Thruster was formed from Kurasaki Fuuko's wish to reach for the sky and beyond, itself derived from her lack of legs since birth. This explains many features of duel avatars, however due to the largely random nature of the assignment of color names, a more precise explanation has not been forthcoming.

Mental-scar shells[]

Metal avatars often take on an unassuming humanoid shape and have no signature Enhanced Armaments, making their traumas much harder to guess than avatars on the regular color wheel. It is this opacity that motivates the mental-scar shell theory.

The mental-scar shell theory states that metal avatars have traumas so opaque that even the Burst Linker themselves do not know what they are. This is analogized to an impenetrable metallic shell wrapped around that which exhibits the trauma, the duel avatar, thus forming a metal-colored avatar.