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Memory Leak (メモリー·リーク Memorī Rīku) is an Incarnate Ability used by «Aqua Current».


Aqua Current touches the head of another Duel Avatar with her own, suppressing the memories of herself present in her target. If Aqua Current chooses to, she can then release the suppressed memories using the complementary Incarnate technique Memory Free.

Aqua Current used this technique on Silver Crow in the side story The Sound of Water on a Distant Day. The suppressed memories were then freed during the ISS Kit Arc.

Aqua Current also attempted to suppress the memories of her Brain Burst "Child" Blood Leopard after she was trapped in an Infinite Enemy Kill by Seiryuu, the East of the Four Gods, at the Imperial Palace. However, the technique failed, and Leopard retained her memories of Aqua Current.


  • In computer programming, a memory leak is when a program continuously uses more and more memory, usually due to failing to free up old memory that is no longer used