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Mega Machine Awakening is an ability that Crimson Kingbolt is able to utilize.

By changing his body into a screw, he is able to spin into a pile of scrap metal and transform all the metal into giant parts which form into a giant robot. He is then able to control said robot as if it was his own body. The giant robot is capable of firing missiles from its shoulders and chest while also firing projectiles from its fingertips. Its body is also extremely durable as it was able to withstand a fire attack from the legendary monster, Nidhogg.

He used this ability in order to fight back against Sulfur Pot and Nidhogg.


  • It has been stated by Kuroyukihime that before the second Red King, Scarlet Rain had appeared, Crimson Kingbolt had the strongest long-range firepower in the Accel World[1].


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