Takumu Mayuzumi (黛 拓武, Mayuzumi Takumu), also known as the Burst Linker Cyan Pile (シアン・パイル, Shian Pairu), is Haruyuki's and Chiyuri's childhood friend. In an attempt to win Chiyu's affection, he regularly abused the Brain Burst program to get perfect grades. However, after being defeated by Haru, he realized the error of his ways and joined Nega Nebulus.

Personality Edit

Takumu is friendly with Chiyuri and Haruyuki and was shown to be kind and well-mannered. Haru looked up to him as a role model and mentor whenever they battled in Accel World together. He is shown to be wise and knowledgeable when it comes to the Brain Burst program, and during battles, he can deduce the most sensible strategy. After joining Nega Nebulus, he calls Kuroyukihime "master" as a sign of respect. His caring way has him trying to stop or resolve arguments which are usually between Kuroyukihime and Yuniko. However, his knowledgeability and kindness are also where some people, such as Yuniko and Kuroyukihime, allow them to make jokes or insults towards him like calling "professor" or "four-eyes." He takes these seriously and becomes depressed[1].

Background Edit

Taku, Haru, and Chiyu were childhood friends when they were younger and still were as they grew older. During that time, Chiyu decided to be in a relationship with Taku who was happy that she chose him. Despite the relationship, the three of them were still close friends. He was excellent in kendo as he won many tournaments and also had perfect scores in school.

However, the reason behind his kendo skills and perfect scores was actually due to him abusing the Brain Burst program. He was introduced to it by his female upperclassman; she was a member of the Blue Legion, Leonids, and through her he subsequently became a member himself, eventually landing him in the good graces of the Blue King, Blue Knight. However, due to his frequent abuse of the program, he was almost always short on Burst Points, causing him to fall out of favor with the rest of the Legion.

At some point, Taku secretly installed an illegal backdoor program into Chiyu's Neuro Linker, allowing him to see everything she saw and access networks she was using. Accessing her school network, he discovered that her student counsil president was the Black King, Black Lotus. Being low on Burst Points, he challanged her in a desperate attempt to win a few off her, but she escaped. Realized her identity had been blown, she gave her copy of Brain Burst to Haru, setting the events of the story into motion.

Appearance Edit

Takumu Mayuzumi - School Uniform

Takumu's current school uniform.

Takumu has light brown hair and blue eyes. When he was initially seen in the series, he had on his school uniform which was different compared to Chiyu and Haru as he went to a different school than the two of them. His school uniform consisted of a dark gray coat with the same colored pants. He was also seen carrying his kendo equipment.

After joining Nega Nebulus, he transferred to Haru's school, and his school uniform now consists of a lighter blue blazer with a white shirt underneath and a green tie. He has weak eyesight, which he used to correct using the vision correction feature of his Neuro Linker. He now wears glasses as he told Kuroyukihime that he wanted to see the world with his own eyes[2].

Plot Outline Edit

Return of the Black Snow Princess Arc Edit

After Kuroyikihime was hospitalized, Taku and Haru figure out each other's true objectives and identities. During their fight, Taku reveals his feelings about how Haru would always get between him and Chiyu and that she would care more about him instead of her boyfriend. However, after their battle, the two made up and started their friendship from the beginning once more along with Chiyu.

Return of the Black Snow Princess (Side Story) Edit

With Kuroyukihime's help, Taku can realize his true self and decides to join Nega Nebulus to help their cause and Haruyuki as well.

Crimson Storm Princess Arc Edit

Dusk Robber Arc Edit

Flight Towards the Blue Sky Arc Edit

Taku, as Cyan Pile, participates alongside the rest of Nega Nebulas in the «Hermes Cord Trasversing Race».

Shrine Maiden of the Sacred Fire Arc Edit

During the operation to rescue ex-Nega Nebulas member Ardor Maiden, he acts as a messenger between real life and the Accelerated World, as Cyan Pile is a pure CQC specialist with no capabilities to avoid the fierce attacks of Suzaku.

Armor of Catastrophe Arc Edit

Near the end of the arc, Silver Crow confronts Cyan Pile and he is revealed to is one of the players infected by the ISS Kit.

The Binary Stars of Destiny Arc Edit

It is revealed how Cyan Pile was effected by the ISS Kit; he was assaulted by the Player Killer group «Supernova Remnant», who had a contract paid with real money on Silver Crow, and was forced to fight a «Sudden Death Duel» with the same conditions as the one with Dusk Taker. As he was about to lose, Magenta Scissor appeared before him and gave him the ISS Kit. Activating it, he easily defeated «Supernova Remnant», which caused them to lose all their Burst Points due to the conditions of the «Sudden Death Duel».

The next day, regretting uninstalling «Supernova Remnant», he confronts Haruyuki demanding he duels him. At this point, the ISS Kit had already manifested and started to control his emotions and thoughts via nightmares, even when he takes his Neurolinker off, appearing in the form of an eye in his «Pile Driver». After an intense fight, during which Silver Crow managed to equip an arm of the uncorrupted Disaster Armor, «The Destiny», and counter Cyan Pile's negative Incarnation with his own, the ISS Kit attempted to infect Silver Crow as well, causing Cyan Pile to stab himself in the neck using «Lightning Cyan Spike» to put an end to it before Silver Crow was also infected. Unfortunately, this did not destroy the ISS Kit Taku had already been infected with.

Upon realizing that the ISS Kit could still affect him even with the neurolinker off, Taku, Haru and Chiyu decide to have a sleepover at Chiyuri's house to keep watch on him. After realizing that Lime Bell's «Citron Call» wouldn't be effective, they decide to direct link before falling asleep. Confronting the ISS Kit's main body at the main server of Brain Burst, instead of running Cyan Pile confronted the darkness of the main body head on, using «Cyan Blade» to destroy it before finally waking up with a completely purged Takumu.

Avatar Edit

Network Avatar Edit

Takumu Mayuzumi's Avatar

Takumu's Avatar.

Takumu's avatar resembles the Tin Man. His whole body is covered tin with a cone-shaped tin hat on top of his head.

Cyan Pile Edit

Cyan Pile

Cyan Pile

Takumu's Brain Burst character is Cyan Pile. Cyan Pile's appearance is very similar to a knight. His body is metallic, heavily armored and on his shoulders are two protruding crystals.

His face is covered by a kendo mask and possesses a large body as a result of his desire to become a swordsman, yet his intense fear of thrust attacks after he was bullied is what led him to own the Enhanced Armament «Pile Driver».

Abilities Edit

Cyan Pile's main abilities lie in his main weapon which is a pile driver-like, spear cannon that he can materialize at will onto his right arm.

  • Perforation: The passive ability of the «Pile Driver». Has a third gauge which until recharged prevents Cyan Pile from attacking via launching his metallic stake.
  • Cyan Spike: The metallic spike on Cyan Pile's right arm fires at his opponent to a short distance but has deadly accuracy. This ability is a Normal Activation-type ability that does not consume Killer Gauge.

Special Moves Edit

  • Lightning Cyan Spike: Cyan Pile's Level 4 Killer Move; the Pile Driver's spike travels farther and has more piercing power.
  • Splash Stinger: The panel on Pile's chest opens and fires multiple spike-like projectiles at his enemy.
  • Spiral Gravity Driver: Pile draws a magic circle in the air with his spike that turns his spear cannon into more of a smash cannon that can be used to break through multiple walls or floors at once, as shown in his battle against Silver Crow when he uses it to propel Crow through 9-10 floors. This is also the only time Cyan Pile has used this skill during the anime.

Incarnatation Edit

  • Cyan Blade: This is a second-q­rant firing range expansion-type "Incarnation Skill". After training with Scarlet Rain for a time, Pile learned to use the power of incarnation. To activate this skill, the spike on Pile's cannon glows blue, he pulls the entire cannon off and shapes it into a katana (Japanese Sword). Obtained after he learns to use incarnation after his first fight with Dusk Taker.

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References Edit

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