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Maroon Balloon (マルーン・バルーン, Marūn Barūn) is a Burst Linker.


Maroon Balloon knew Glass Monarch, and is a long-time opponent of Orange Raptor.[1][2]

Plot Outline[]

While he was catching up with Orange Raptor, he was asked if he knew anything about Glass Monarch, which he did.[1] After Skazka Priskazka was formed, they asked him about Glass Monarch, and he asked for a battle from their junior members Aluminum Valkyrie and Iris Alice before telling them.[2] He easily defeated them.[3]

After a day of strategizing, Aluminum Valkyrie and Iris Alice were able to defeat him.[4]


Maroon Balloon[]

Maroon Balloon is a Duel Avatar that looks mostly made of balloons. His torso, left leg, and right arm are all balloon-like, with a balloon sash wrapped diagonally across his torso. His right leg looks like a standard duel avatar's leg, and his left hand is gloved. His head is also enclosed in a balloon, which he has to pop before consuming anything.[2] He is vulnerable to fire.[4]


  • Happy Storm – Likely a special move. It creates a torrent of balloons.[4]
  • Happy Cocoon – Likely a special move. It creates several layers of ballons around Maroon Balloon which can withstand 1 ton. It has a smiley face on its outermost layer.[4]
  • Happy Tornado[4] – Likely a special move. It is unknown what this move does.


  • Maroon Balloon (マルーン・バルーン, Marūn Barūn)
  • Happy Storm (ハッピー・ストーム, Happī Sutōmu)
  • Happy Cocoon (ハッピ・コクーン, Happī Kokūn)


  • He is active in Kanagawa rather than Tokyo proper.[5]


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