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Itosu Mana (糸洲 真魚 , Mana Itosu) is a burst linker who lives in Okinawa. She met Kuroyukihime during her school trip to Okinawa. She speaks in standard Japanese with an Okinawan accent.


Itosu is very polite and acts more level-headed compared to Ruka who has an opposite personality compared to hers.

She is also very polite in the real world as seen during her meeting with Kuroyukihime and she holds high regards for her master and the rules that he set for her and Ruka. She also claims to be a seer.


Itosu became the 'child' of Ruka after she became a burst linker, both of them students of Crimson Kingbolt. After becoming a Burst Linker, she and Ruka are inspired to increase the number of burst linkers in their community. With careful gambits from Ruka and Kingbolt, she got to Level 4, enabling her to battle Enemies in the Unlimited Field to maintain acceleration.


Itosu has a light skin color and is of medium stature. She has dark blue hair and blue eyes.

Plot Outline[]

Dusk Robber (Side Story)[]

In 2047, Itosu and Ruka accelerated and discovered another Burst Linker named Black Lotus logged onto their local net and challenged her. Though Itosu/Corral Merrow wanted to ask Lotus for her help with a terror menacing Okinawa, Ruka/Lagoon Dolphin was more eager for a fight, even though Lotus was at Level 9. Dolphin lashed out with a fury of punches and even swung one kick, which, upon making contact with Lotus' leg, creating a hole in the ground. Still defying Merrow's plea, Dolphin attempted one last go, but Lotus quickly defeated her with Death By Barraging. Accepting defeat, the two girls asked that Lotus meet them at a cafe in the real world, to the Black King's surprise.

Itosu and Ruka met with Lotus' real world counterpart, Kuroyukihime, and quickly introduced themselves to her. Kuroyukihime, being from Tokyo, knows it's not good for Burst Linkers to just announce their real names and asked if their master gave them any rules. Speaking in unison, the two stated that they are not to accelerate for selfish purposes, and not talk about Accel World to just anyone. This depress Kuroyukihime, who says to herself that she needs to have a talk to their master. This excites the girls, who offer to introduce them, to which Kuroyukihime declines, as their master may be someone she knows in Accel World. But she decides to help with their problem. But then she realizes she forgot to meet with her friend Megumi Wakamiya.

As the sun began to set, Itosu and Ruka met with Kuroyukihime at her hotel and prepare to go to the Unlimited Field. However, Itosu, claiming to be a seer, told them to leave a spare cable before they go up. Upon arriving in the Unlimited Field, they introduce -- or rather reintroduce -- Black Lotus to their master, Crimson Kingbolt. Kingbolt explains how he formed his little Acceleration community, before they are interrupted by Sulfur Pot, riding the legend-type Enemy, Nidhogg, the monster that had been plaguing Okinawa. When they explained that Sulfur Pot did not appear on the matching list, Lotus guessed that he's using a backdoor program to dive in Okinawa to hunt low-level Enemies out of the sight of the major Tokyo legions, to the shock of the Okinawan Burst Linkers. His secret found out, Sulfur Pot announced his intention to destroy them all.

Kingbolt instructs Dolphin and Merrow to gather as much scrap metal, stating that it would determine the outcome of the battle. Though Dolphin wanted to help, Merrow grabbed her and shouted that they will follow his orders. Eventually gathering a massive pile of metal, Kingbolt merge with it to form a giant robot. At first, it seemed like that battle was going in their favour, until Sulfur Pot unleashed Charcoal Smoke around the area and ignited it with Nidhogg's Scorching Inferno attack, creating a massive explosion that destroyed Kingbolt's giant form. When it seemed like he would prevail, in the real world, Megumi finds the spare cable and accelerates to become Orchid Oracle, who changes the landscape into an ocean. With Kingbolt left sinking to the bottom of the ocean, it was up to the trio of girls to stop Sulfur Pot before he escapes to an island. Dolphin and Merrow shape-changed into their Marine Modes and swam in circles around Nidhogg, throwing Sulfur Pot off his mount. Lotus then used Death By Piercing to sever the Mystical Reins controlling Nidhogg, causing it to turn on and devour Sulfur Pot.

The next day, Itosu and Mana personally saw Kuroyukihime off as her school bus departed Okinawa.


Coral Merrow[]

Coral Merrow

Itosu's Duel Avatar is Coral Merrow. Coral Merrow has a humanoid shape that is designed and based off a mermaid. Her whole entire body is colored in shades of pink and has a petite size. She has two yellow eyes and long pink hair with a headband of top that has a darker shade of pink. Her ears, shoulders and hips all have guards with fins attached to them. In her Marine Mode, she shifts her legs into a mermaid tail that is pink and has a fin at the end.


Not much is seen of Coral Merrow's abilities. However, during her fight with Sulfur Pot the environment changed into the ocean. She is then able to utilize an ability known as Shape Change that allowed her to change her form into a mermaid which she calls "Marine Mode." In her Marine Mode, her mobility and power is greatly enhanced.