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Magnesium Drake (マグネシウム・ドレイク, Maguneshiumu Doreiku) was the second Chrome Disaster He was one of the Burst Linkers who joined the hunt for the first Chrome Disaster, Chrome Falcon, but he was infected afterwards by it.


It is rumored that Magnesium Drake was an artificially created metal avatar, where a person is approached in the real world, traumatized, then had their traumas hidden from them, and afterwards given Brain Burst.[1] If this was the case, this was likely carried out by the Acceleration Research Society based on the mental-scar shell theory.


Magnesium Drake[]

Magnesium Drake has the metal color magnesium, inheriting the properties of the metal.


  • Flame Breath – This ability allows Magnesium Drake to breathe fire. The fire can set enemies alight, and the fire will continue to cause damage until it is extinguished.[2]


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