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Macabre Waltz is the twenty-fourth chapter of Accel World/dural: Magisa Garden.


The chapter begins with the groups of Aluminum Valkyrie/Orange Raptor and Iris Alice/Violet Dancer face off against beast-type Enemies in the Ikebukuro Underground Labyrinth.

Unfortunately, Iris Alice is scared of the snake-like Enemy that appeared in the tree above them, so Violet Dancer decides to take on the snake by herself and to use the opportunity to show off her combat technique since they'll likely be battling together in the future.

Meanwhile, the two red fox-like Enemies are clearly aiming for the eggs that Valkyrie and Raptor are holding. The two of them taunt them into charging.

Dancer tells Alice to keep a close eye on how she moves, though her style of combat is a bit complex. As the snake leaps out of the tree straight at her, she blocks it with one of her hands and announces "Ek." A spinning chakram suddenly appears on her right arm, blocking the snake's bite. Dancer explains that her chakrams form the base of her technique. Usage of the chakrams, actually Enhanced Armaments, drains her Special Gauge, but if she has a lot saved up, she can call more than one to use. She delivers a straight kick to the snake's body, and as the snake regroups and leaps at her again, she announces "Do." This time, she raises her left hand, and the chakram appears there, once again blocking the snake's attack. Finally, she uses it to slice apart the snake in mid-air, showing its true ability as a middle-range weapon. She notes that she and Alice would be a good combo since Alice is a front-line fighter.

Dancer then explains that there are three special "commands" she can give to her chakrams – and rather than just saying them aloud, she needs to perform a certain gesture. This is the origin of her name, "Dancer." She tosses one of her chakrams onto one of the tree's branches. First, she demonstrates the "Bha" command; after a four-step motion resembling a dance, the blades on the outside of the chakram suddenly invert to the inside, cutting the tree branch and falling to the ground.

She then explains the "Ta" command, a far simpler gesture, which returns a distant chakram to her hand. All she needs to do is stomp the ground. As the snake comes around for a third attack, Dancer demonstrates her third command (while cradling the egg with one of her legs) - "Ra," which causes the chakram to rotate horizontally, which smacks the snake in the face a few times. Its speed causes it to appear as a sphere and grants it the blunt attribute rather than the slash attribute. Iris Alice is impressed.

Then, a pair of snakes slither out at them, but before attacking, they twist around each other to combine into a giant, two-headed hydra. A shield also appears to protect their heads; as they are green, for defense. Dancer invites Alice to join her this time as a learning experience.

Meanwhile, the red foxes attacking Valkyrie and Raptor start charging and blasting mystical flames at them from a distance. Raptor easily swipes them out of the way, and Valkyrie delivers a blow to the other's head. Both of them are raring to go and scare the Enemies a bit.

Alice is drawing the snake in a certain direction by running from it, and Dancer uses the chance to strike the shields guarding its heads with a pair of chakrams. As the hydra stops, Alice skids to a halt, and a huge piercing object slices straight between their heads. Dancer thanks the snakes for being their opponent, then uses "Ra" once more, attacking both of the hydra's heads rapidly. Finally, Alice drops out of the air and delivers a heavy blow to her Queen's Astrology to end the fight. As the Enemy starts to disappear, Dancer notes that there was no time for her to explain her Special Move and that it will have to wait until next time...

Important Events[]

  • Iris Alice and Violet Dancer defeat the snake-like Enemies with their eggs intact