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Lignum Vitae (リグナム・バイタ, Rigunamu Baita) is a senior Burst Linker in the Green Legion Great Wall, and is the Fourth of the Six Armors, Great Wall's executive team.


Lignum Vitae is an experienced Burst Linker, having been on the Great Wall commanding team for at least 3 years.


Lignum Vitae[]

Lignum Vitae is the name of what was considered the hardest wood, and she inherits its hardness, being a highly defensive Duel Avatar. Her armor looks like an evening dress.

Enhanced Armaments[]

  • Unnamed parasol – A wooden parasol. It has a sharp hook for a handle and can extend and retract quickly.


  • Calvin Cycle – A special move that transforms Lignum Vitae into a tree 3 meters tall with a 30-centimeter-thick trunk, with her parasol forming the top half. In this mode, Lignum Vitae is immobile and highly defensive, capable of surviving many physical attacks unscathed. She then starts producing a glowing fluid that can fill up her allies' SP gauges.
  • Krebs Cycle – A special move that transforms Lignum Vitae from her tree mode back to her humanoid mode.


  • Lignum Vitae (リグナム・バイタ, Rigunamu Baita)
  • Calvin Cycle (カルビン・サイクル, Karubin Saikuru)
  • Krebs Cycle (クレブス・サイクル, Kurebusu Saikuru)


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