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Lemon Pierrette (レモンピエレット, Remon Pieretto) is a Burst Linker of the Yellow Legion, Crypt Cosmic Circus, who works in close proximity to the Yellow King, Yellow Radio.


She appears very childish, & very innocent of the actions going around her. She playfully repeats some of the words Yellow Radio says, being all cutesy as if they are all having fun in any situation. However, when the situation requires it, she becomes very serious and mature.[1]


While it remains unknown how exactly she became a Burst Linker, she is Yellow Radio's younger sister,[2] and is strongly implied to be his protege.


Lemon Pierette[]

Her avatar form is base on a small little girl with tan yellow stretch curved side-up hair style, & cute light-emerald eyes. Her basic skin color on the avatar is about the same as a human only metallic. But her outfit is base on a Pierrette style, mostly appearing as a yellow dress, cottonballs on the edge parts of the dress, pink zipper up to a collar style while in the center has an 'S' mark similar to Yellow Radio's image on himself. She wears a clown style hat with a puffy bottom, yellow & brown stripe pattern with a cottonball off the top edge of it. She's seen balancing herself on a white & pink line ball with an emerald eye mark in the center.

She appears to display a good form of balancing herself on a ball. Since she is of a Yellow Avatar Color, she possibly may have certain abilities to fight & perform illusions.


  • Pierrette is the female counterpart to Pierrot, a stock character in pantomimes who is a sad clown.


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