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A Legion (軍団レギオン, region) is a large faction of Burst Linkers, similar to a guild or team in other major online games. The total number of legions in Brain Burst is currently unknown - countless small and medium sized Legions dot the map of Tokyo.

However, the seven largest legions are known as the Seven Great Legions and are led by seven Level Nine "Kings" called the (Seven Kings of Pure Color).


During the past two and a half years, there had been six major legions (六大軍団レギオン, roku dai region) ruling over the different zones of the Accel World. However, with the resurrection of the reformed Nega Nebulus, there are now seven major legions.

Apart from the aforementioned Seven Great Legions, there are a countless number of minor small and medium-sized Legions. These minor legions include Helix, Petit Paquet, Pound Bag, and Skazka Priskazka.

Burst Linkers may choose to join a Legion, but they are not required to do so, and many do not.


Each Legion has a "territory" within the 23 wards of the Tokyo Metropolis. Whenever a Legion member's real-life persona is within his/her own legion's territory, they will enjoy the privilege of being hidden from the matching list. As such, they can challenge the members of foreign legions within the territory, but they cannot be challenged by others. With this great advantage, the home territory of a legion is regarded as a safe haven in which Burst Linkers could safely connect their Neuro Linker to the Global Net.


In order to create a Legion, one must first undertake the Legion Quest in the underground dungeon of Ikebukuro. Four players are required to complete this quest.

Major Legions[]

The seven major Legions all take their names from cosmic phenomenon.

Color Legion Territory
Aurora Oval Chuō, Kōtō
Crypt Cosmic Circus Taitō, Adachi, Arakawa, Akihabara
Great Wall Shibuya, Shinagawa, Meguro, Setagaya
Leonids Shinjuku, Bunkyō
Nega Nebulus Suginami
Prominence Nerima, Nakano
Oscillatory Universe Minato

Nega Nebulus[]

Nega Nebulus is a Legion led by Black Lotus, the Black King. It is based in two zones of the Suginami prefecture, Suginami 1 and Suginami 2. It was disbanded in 2045 after the first Red King, Red Rider was killed, but was revived two years later.

Its current sub-master is Sky Raker, a member of the former executive group known as the "Elements", which also included Ardor Maiden, Aqua Current, and Graphite Edge. Originally, the revived Nega Nebulus had also included the following members:

However, after merging with Prominence, the member base was greatly expanded to include the forty-something members of the Red Legion.


Leonids is led by the Blue King, Blue Knight. It is based in the Shinjuku and Bunkyō prefectures. It is known for it's close-range combat-oriented Duel Avatars, but this unfortunately makes it unpopular with girls who might be interested in joining a Legion.

The Blue Legion's executive group is known as the "Dualis" and includes Blue Knight's closest aids, the twins Cobalt Blade and Manganese Blade.

In addition, Frost Horn and Tourmaline Shell are members of Leonids.


Prominence, encompassing the Nerima and Nakano prefectures, was originally led by Red Rider. When Red Rider was killed by the Black King, the rest of the Legion fell into complete disarray, leading to a "warring states"-style conflict. Taking advantage of the turmoil, Scarlet Rain quickly grew to Level 9 and became King. However, because of the previous King's death, Scarlet Rain is often referred to as the Second Red King.

Its sub-master is Blood Leopard, a member of the three-member executive group known as the "Triplex". The other members of the Triplex are also animal themed, and include Thistle Porcupine and Cassis Moose.

In addition, Blaze Heart, Peach Parasol, Ochre Prison, and Lavender Downer are also members of the Legion. Cherry Rook, Scarlet Rain's Parent, was also a member before his death.

Great Wall[]

Great Wall is one of the largest Legions in both territory and member count. It controls the following territories:

  • Shibuya 1
  • Shibuya 2
  • Setagaya 1
  • Meguro 1
  • Meguro 2
  • Shinagawa 1
  • Shinagawa 2

However, Shibuya 1 and 2 were later returned to Nega Nebulus.

Great Wall is led by the Green King, Green Grandé, also known as "Invulnerable". The executive group of the Green Legion is known as the "Six Armors":

Other members of Great Wall include Ash Roller, Bush Utan, and Olive Grab.

Crypt Cosmic Circus[]

Crypt Cosmic Circus, or CCC as it is sometimes called, is located in the northeastern portion of Tokyo. It is led by Yellow Radio, the Yellow King. Unlike Legions like Nega Nebulus and Prominence, it encourages versatility over specialization in terms of Duel Avatar growth.

Its submaster is Yellow Radio's real-life younger sister, Lemon Pierrette.

Aurora Oval[]

Aurora Oval is led by Purple Thorn, the Purple King. It stretches over the Chuō and Kōtō prefectures. Its sub-master is Aster Vine. Crimson Kingbolt was also a member of Aurora Oval before he moved to Okinawa.

Oscillatory Universe[]

Oscillatory Universe is a small Legion based in the Minato prefecture led by White Cosmos. It's executive group, the "Seven Dwarves", are all extraordinary fearsome fighters:

The White Legion is also the headquarters of the Acceleration Research Society.

Other Legions[]

There are various smaller Legions in the Accelerated World not led by a particular King.


Helix is a Legion with at least six members in it based in Itabashi. They frequently enact Territory Battles with Prominence. Helix is led by Beryllium Coil, who is known to be a brilliant strategist.

Petit Paquet[]

Petit Paquet is a Legion made up of just three members: Chocolate Puppeteer, Mint Mitten, and Plum Flipper, all of which are parents or children of the others. They were able to complete the four-man Legion Quest by themselves by utilizing Chocolate Puppeteer's Ability. They do not possess any territory. Their name comes from the French for "small box".

Pound Bag[]

Pound Bag is a Legion that attacked Nega Nebulus at least once in the Territories.[1]

Skazka Priskazka[]

Skazka Priskazka is a Legion made up of four members: Aluminium Valkyrie, Orange Raptor, Violet Dancer, and Iris Alice. It is named after the game Iris Alice gave Aluminium Valkyrie to cheer her up when she was tricked by the illusion created by the Pumpkin Owl in the final task of the Legion Quest and attacked the other Legion Members, almost causing them to fail in creating a Legion. In Russian, it means "Tales of Fairytales".

Night Owls[]

Night Owls is a Legion based in Toshima.


Ovest is a Legion based in Nishitokyo