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Rinta Kusakabe (日下部 輪太, Kusakabe Rinta) is the brother of Rin. He is currently in a coma.


He is a prankster.


Rinta is 6 years older than Rin.

Rinta is very passionate about motorcycle racing. Before Rin got her own Neurolinker when she started school, he used to give her his own to show her racing clips. He eventually went on to become an ICGP racer – a racer of motorcycles with internal combustion engines – where he was considered a natural. In 2045, he was involved in a racing accident and went into a coma, from which he has not recovered.


  • Rinta wanted Rin to be a racer too, which is why he showed her racing clips.
  • He was offered to go to Europe for a competition conditional on a good performance in Japan, but he got into the fateful accident before he could succeed.
  • He is the first of three brothers of female Burst Linkers to experience a tragedy, the others being Shinomiya Kyouya and Chigira Souya.


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