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Kurumi Kurama (来摩 胡桃, Kuruma Kurumi) is a Level 7 Burst Linker and currently the vice president of the Mathematics and Martial Arts Research Club (or "Enbuken") at Seibi Academy. She is one of the main characters of Accel World dural: Magisa Garden.


Not much is known about Kurumi's personal background, save for her and Yuuko Hoori possibly being in a relationship and them knowing Touga Toudou personally.


She has short black hair and is often seen wearing a suit.


Violet Dancer

Kuruma's Duel Avatar is in the form of a belly dancer, and is pure violet. She has a cloth covering her nose and mouth, and a veil on the back of her head. Her long fingers end in hooks to hook her Chakram with.

As her color implies, she can attack at any range with her Enhanced Armaments. She is nicknamed "Violet Violence".

Enhanced Armament[]

  • Chakram Rings with a bladed edge that can be summoned by using up her Special Ability gauge They are controlled with movements instead of voice commands, hence the name "Dancer". She can have up to 8 Chakram at once, and are summoned by saying the numbers 1 to 8 in Hindi.
    • Bha – A command that involves a complicated dance. It flips the bladed edge of her Chakram from the outside to the inside.
    • Ta – A command that involves stomping hard on the ground. It recalls a distant Chakram back to her hand.
    • Ra – A command that involves stretching her arms out to her sides with her palms facing outwards. It causes a Chakram to spin like a ball.


Cover of Magisa Garden vol. 4


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